…but you’re still going to train, right?

Before I let the cat out of the bag about my decision to not compete anymore, I wondered what people would say about it.

Two possible responses came to mind.


  • “Ok then…uh…Can you pass the salt?”


  • “NOOOOO! You can’t not compete! You have to compete! “

Survey says…


After complete bewilderment walks past people’s eyes when I tell them what I am up to, the same question pops out of everyone’s mouth.

  • “Are you still going to train and workout?”


I train for me, not a pant size, the confidence to wear a bikini, or even to get rid of my nemesis. At the crux of my training, I have a deep desire to be healthy, train my mind, body, and soul, and push myself past self imposed barriers.

There is nothing quite like hefting a few hundred pounds off the ground, squatting enough weight to have the strange man at the gym give you a spot without you requesting his help, or being told the hack squat is a back exercise from a skinny man that does full body bicep curls.

It’s freakishly fun.

Besides, I am literally a walking ‘macropedia‘ that can spout off protein, carb, and fat content for more foods than is even reasonable.

New challenges while I continue to train include:

  • Learning how to like my body all the time, not just during the weeks surrounding a competition
  • Having ‘just one’ and being satisfied
  • Accomplishing audacious goals but not letting them define who I am
  • Finding different and new ‘mountains‘ to climb
  • Spend less time thinking about food, lurking in grocery stores, and reading nutrition labels

There are many more, but those are the challenges staring me down this week.

Why do you train?

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  1. isn’t it funny how extremes are easier than moderation? I’m not sure I’m ever going to get to the point where I can do a workout every other day consistently. It’s every day with one rest day a week or it’s nothing.

    • YES! It is easier to train every single day except Sunday and be ‘in the groove’ rather than be all over the place with it. Up at 430 am, to the gym, and then off to work every single day. Seems hard, but it is actually easier than not. hah!

  2. I train, first, because training is my best friend. I’m 50, been training since I was 12 and training has always been there for me, unlike other aspects of, and people in my life. Training is my prayer time — body prayer, it’s where my mind supremely connects with my body to continually explore its ever-changing and ever increasing relationship. Training is when all the bad in my life falls away, and all that matters is the moment. Training is when time stands still for me. Training is when I know I’m really real.

  3. I train because I love how being strong feels!

    I like keeping my mind and body sharp. I don’t weigh myself or count calories. I train to run trails, to climb mountains and to ski into my 70’s and 80’s.

    I train because I love motivating friends and clients to do the same and I love the motivation they give me!

    I train for life (and to out run Zombies….if it ever comes to that;) )

  4. Like Heather, because I love feeling strong. I love knowing that I can see real definition in my muscles, which means that I’m using my body the way that evolution intended. We are meant to run and jump and be active and technology, as much as I love it, has created the First World obesity epidemic.

    On that same note, I train because I can’t just sit still in front of computers and televisions all the time. It’s about achieving balance.

    Also, Rule #1 is Cardio (‘Zombieland’). Wielding a bat well isn’t a bad thing, either. Delts and traps, for that!

  5. “Macropedia” I love that! So funny.

    I train because at various times in my life it has been the only thing I do for “me” and the only place/space where nobody asks anything of me. I even feel that way when I have a coach telling me exactly how many reps of exactly what weigh, or how many lengths of the pool/times round the track. I guess it is the thing I choose to do, and the thing where I feel most “me”, and it is my getaway. I’m sure people who don’t like exercise would think I am crazy for feeling that way about training!

  6. DL, I retired from competing because it’s all about “how I look, how I look, how I look.” When my Dad was dying and I carried him to the hospital bed, he didn’t care how I looked, if I was lean and ripped, or not. I was happy to be carrying some extra fat and muscle so that I could actually support his 200 lbs 6’body. Competing: Between getting the body exactly right to the gram, literally…then there’s the hair, posing suit, makeup, dream tan, random judges who will judge my appearance….any finally a winner who places first because he/she LOOKS the best….there is too much “me, myself, and I” ….too much vanity and worship of some false idol….This life is not about vanity to me. Fitness is important and I train and do cardio daily, and eat clean. But this life, for me at least, is about health and longevity so I can walk the best I can in the way of Christ, in service to others.

  7. I train because I do like the changes in my body, my mind and spirit…. On that note, I’m still trying to get over comparing my progress to those who have done it for years. I love it and will probably never stop.
    I think you’re right. I need to have crazy goals but not let them begin to define who I am. =)

  8. Srsly?! People asked you if you’re still going to train? Training isn’t just about competing; it’s the basis of competing, sure. But it’s so much more than that!

    I train because I love seeing how I can move and shape my body. I love that I was able to help my dad move heavy sheets of sheetrock. I love that I was able to help my partially paralyzed grandma in and out of a car. I love the exhilaration of a personal record on an exercise.

    Like Suz said, our bodies were made to MOVE! Can’t wait to follow you on your journey with the new challenges!

    • I love feeling strong and being able to not be limited by my body. I love being able to work hard, help friends move with ease, and do things that seem impossible! 🙂

  9. After this last month that was absolutely nuts for me and I think I trained literally one or two days in the ENTIRE month, I would have to say that I train to stay focused mentally and physically, to feel good about myself, and to stay healthy. Those are my main reasons though there are many more! (And so I can keep up with the likes of you! ;-))

  10. I love your blog’s inspirational posts and entertaining content and will continue to read it whether you step on the stage or not. Keep up your training and enjoy new challenges and goals while enjoying just a little more balance in your life from the weight of competition lifted off your shoulders.

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