Real Girl Willpower

Being a ‘real girl‘ is tough stuff!

For nearly the last three years I have hauled all my own food with me everywhere I went. I mean literally everywhere. Even to my sister’s house who is active, healthy, and has great food choices galore at her house.

My diet has been awesome these past few years and I love working with my coach. I get to eat whatever I want. No food has ever been off limits; yet I severely restricted myself. I made it way harder and more epic than it probably needed to be.

  • Want to know a secret?

I created a black and white world where if I didn’t bring it, I didn’t eat it. Black and white. Being ‘normal‘ was not allowed. I wouldn’t even eat other people’s vegetables!


There is NOTHING wrong with these fabulous veggies! Why didn't someone slap me?

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  • Want to know another secret?

Living in the real world is pretty much all grey. At least for me at this moment in time.

For Easter weekend, I made the decision to eat the same food as everyone else and just make healthy choices from what was available. This means I didn’t plan out three days worth of food, pre-package all my food, and haul a reusable Costco bag filled to the brim with weird things. I ate when other people ate and I ate what they ate.

In reality it is simple, it just means you have to use your willpower to say ‘stop‘.

Simple and easy are not the same thing.

Now I didn’t fall head first into a swimming pool of chocolate Easter bunnies, but I sure did have a few chocolates and I didn’t adhere 100% to my macros.

Mini Eggs…need I say more?

Team K has been talking about willpower in our Facebook Group. As an extensively trained leadership coach who is constantly reading, listening to books on CD, and growing in self leadership, I have a lot to say. Possibly more than I should, but God apparently gave me a big mouth.

Enter a good question.

What ONE book would you recommend (after this thread and the other on willpower I’d like to start with one book and I’m overwhelmed by all the titles you’ve recommended) that would best help with diet?

One? Just one?

There are more books than I could list which deal with food and diet specifically such as ‘The End of Overeating Fover‘ and books from Geneen Roth like ‘Why Weight? A Guide to Ending Compulsive Eating‘, but they are more of a discovery of ‘why‘ you are the way you are with food than a ‘willpower development book‘.

If you don’t have purpose or hope, there is no will. There is no point.

Man’s Search for Meaning‘ by Viktor Frakl. 

 Man’s Search for Meaning

Learning from a Nazi concentration camp survivor on how to find purpose and joy in the midst of pure and absolute Hell on earth was enlightening, to say the least.

This book has nothing to do with dieting, but everything to do with purpose and willpower.

Purpose and willpower go hand in hand. The ability to constrain your options for something greater than this moment comes from having a meaningful purpose.

Who you ‘be‘ matters. Choose to be amazing.

Which came first, the willpower or the purpose?

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  1. I just couldn’t bring all my meals all the time, unless I was in the middle of contest prep. I usually go to my brother-in-laws once or twice a week to eat, and I just eat whatever they’re having. It’s usually healthy anyway but I don’t want to look like a complete weirdo bringing in my little baggies!

    • I was the complete weirdo ALL THE TIME. Being highly ridiculous gets funny pretty quick. This is going to sound odd, but in a lot of ways it was the path of least resistance for me.

  2. I actually don’t believe in willpower – I think everything comes down to choices & consequences.

    One book that has really helped with how I look at food and the effects on my body is ‘The Paleo Solution’ by Robb Wolf. Now, I don’t eat 100% Paleo, it varies day to day (love my Greek yogurt & peanut butter too much) but I make the choices that are right for me, and sometimes live with the not-so-good (ie. bloat from the ice-cream I HAD to have) consequences.

    On a side note – I did take some interesting advice away from ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. Not sure if all of what they say is applicable to my life, but some interesting thoughts there.

    Life is too short to not enjoy some Mini-Eggs!

  3. I have to agree with you there is so much out there. havign to narrow it down to just would be difficult for me!

    I find every book or article I have ever read talk about the same principles perhaps but use different terminology etc.

    In the end I guess it does come down to choice. Am I going ot eat chicken that I make myself or pizza tonight?…baby steps.

  4. I’ve added Man’s Search for Meaning to my list of books to order in… gotta love interlibrary loans that allow we hicks from the boonies to get our hands on great reading material! A book about finding purpose sounds like exactly what I need as I’ve been struggling lately with the feeling that I’m not doing anything meaningful with my life right now.

  5. Man’s Search for Meaning is epic! You might also like “Care of the Soul” by Thomas Moore:)

  6. Now that you’ve entered ‘the grey zone’ how do you feel? Will you be going back to hauling your own food everywhere or become a little more relaxed? I have yet to find the right balance for my lifestyle between being super strict and totally pigging out.

  7. This is an awesome blog entry. I’m keeping my book mark opened to you so I can read you daily.

  8. I absolutely love this and am so super proud of you! It definitely takes discipline but I think that comes with time. I ate normal Easter dinner but I didn’t go overboard. I just didn’t care to. I love when you recommend books too, I’ll definitely have to check this one out!!

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