Limitations Don’t Have to Limit Your Dreams

My favourite part of Fantasy Camp, aka epic bodybuilder training camp with the most fabulous people on the planet put on by the amazing Joe Klemczewski, a few weeks ago was hearing everyone’s stories.

Bodybuilders are a unique breed of people. They have a fire that burns in their belly and they refuse to let anything put it out. Obstacles exist, but they overcome.

Even osteoarthritis and a hip replacement.

Meet Rocking Robyn.

Limitations exist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your dreams. Perhaps it is time to change tactics and embrace the time, modifications, and allowances it takes to get what you want.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, stopped Robyn from training like a bodybuilding diva. She put us all to shame with her intensity, mindset, and focus.

She even did one legged box jumps without missing a beat.

THAT is what I call impressive.

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  1. seriously feel like a slacker now. i can’t do 2-legged box jumps!

  2. Robyn has the arms of my dreams! What an inspiration — on all counts (not just the arms)!

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