Extraordinary Comes From The Ordinary

I don’t know many people that want to be ordinary their whole lives. Most of us feel a calling to be extraordinary. The question is how?

Do ordinary things.

Extraordinary comes from ordinary - bikini or bust

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Extraordinary doesn’t come from a magic wand, an accident, or falling into something. It comes from choosing to do a select few ordinary things over and over and over again until you are extraordinary.

Earlier this week, I ran into someone that I hadn’t seen in nearly 14 years and 8 dress sizes.

Uh…you are quite different, you don’t even look the same. Its extraordinary.

Actually, its rather ordinary. Heck, even downright boring!

I workout, eat clean, and lift heavy weights.


Doing ordinary things with consistency and excellence puts you on the path to extraordinary.

  • Want to make a difference?
  • Want to lose weight?
  • Want to have your dream job?
  • Want to feed the hungry?
  • Want to be an amazing parent?
  • Want to like who you are?
  • Want to have a fulfilling relationship?

Don’t wait for the mythical, far off extraordinary to arrive; because it never will.

Do what is in front of you. Do it now. Do it well.

What ordinary thing are you starting with?

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  1. Thanks, Donloree! I needed to be reminded of this truth.

  2. So simple when it boils down to it, but so hard for some to put into works!
    Love this post! Thanks, as always! =)

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