Weighty Matters

The scale and I have finally made peace.

It only took 32 years.

I used to be the girl that woke up feeling like the world was at her fingertips and anything was possible, until she stepped on the scale.

Deciding its a bad day at 4:41 am makes for a REALLY long day.

A silly number peering back at me was the defining factor of whether or not I was going to be be amazing that day.

If my weight was up, I would:

  • feel sorry for myself
  • assess and poke every fat molecule on my body
  • moan about how my pants that were ‘so loose’ the day before were suddenly cutting the circulation off at my waist
  • complain that all the hard work doesn’t matter

Basically I made up a bunch of lies and then decided that those lies defined me.

What a crappy way to live. Finally all my complaining annoyed even me.

You know its bad when you annoy yourself. 

Where I wanted to go and where I was headed were two distinctly different places. No one wants to be the weight obsessed, overly critical, and self hating woman that doesn’t see what is fabulous and great about herself.

Heck, no one even wants to go for coffee with her!

What changed?

One day I realized that who I am is up me and being defined by the scale doesn’t have to be part of me. It seemed impossible to change this view of myself, but who I am, not how much I weigh, matters.

Who you are impacts the people around you in more ways that you know.

baby girl on scale

Is this what we are teaching the next generation?

Photo Credit

I flipped the switch and changed my mind.

It didn’t happen overnight, but the possibility of the number on the scale defining my day was no longer and option for me.

Constraining your options can either be restrictive or empowering. When you say ‘no’ to something you are saying ‘yes‘ to something else.

I decided to say YES to liking myself no matter how much gravitational pull I had on the earth.

How did I do it?

  1. Chose my day before I weighed in. I declared, out loud, what kind of day it was going to be before I stepped on the scale.
    Today is a fantabulous day and I am so excited to be alive.”
  2. Reflected on my reflection. I stopped saying negative things to myself when I saw myself in the mirror. Take the opportunity to see what is great and inwardly remind yourself about it.
    “You’re adorable and a kick arse coach who is taking over the world. Go DLoree!”
  3. Attached dettachment. I committed to being ambivalent to the number that showed up. I wrote it down and chose to promptly forget about it. When it popped into my head again, I swatted it away like an annoying summer mosquito.
    “Ack! Get out of here you blood sucking thought! I have no use for you.”
  4. Worked hard every day. Every day is an opportunity to work hard at being the very best woman you can be. If I give the day my very best effort I can proudly stand on the scale at like whatever number shows up.
    Up two pounds from yesterday. Woot! You creamed yesterday’s leg workout and are storing water like a camel. Camels rock.”

Flip the switch! What are you ‘weighting‘ for?

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  1. Love this post. So true about how we treat ourselves impacts others. Little eyes are watching and determining what an adult is. Thanks for writing this post and congrats on overcoming the power of the scale. I just put mine in the closet 🙂

  2. This is definitely one of your very best, Donloree! So many girls and women need to hear this message and believe it!

  3. Wonderful post. About 2 weeks ago I declared war on my scale. I did the same thing…let the scale define my day. I am more than a number.

  4. Toni@runninglovingliving says

    Great post!!! The scale should be used as a tool and not soothing that defines you or your day!

  5. So proud of you, and so very genuinely happy for you!! You are indeed FFFAAAAAAARRRRRRRR much more than a number. Trying to follow your example! xx

  6. Great post! I can identify with you on so many levels! One day I hope to get there with the scale. It’s hard when you are still (like me) in the process of losing weight, but I am getting closer. Love the positive affirmations!

  7. Thank you for this!!! Every now and again we need a little reminder that its more then just the number. Its about the decisions that are making our lives better, which in turn are making us better women.

  8. That picture of the little girl is scary! I used to be a dance teacher and would often hear my students, as young as six years old, talking about how fat they were and how much they weighed. Horrible stuff.

    I haven’t weighed myself in about six months. I think I’m the opposite to most women now, because when I see that the number has gone up I get excited because I know I’ve stacked on some more muscle 😀

  9. Agreed. I used to weigh myself daily, and now only every 2 wks, if that. I’m in the mindset of, while I am trying to cut some fat, I’m not an MMA fighter that has to ‘make weight’. A lot to be said for judging progress by how you feel physically and how your clothes fit. Great post.

  10. I love this and I’m so happy you’ve found peace with your scale! I still use it, but I don’t let the number bother me anymore. Sometimes, but I feel good, mentally, right now so the number on the scale can kiss my arse! =)

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