Larabar in YOUR mailbox. A Tasty Giveaway!

A few months ago I randomly found Larabar samples in my mailbox.

I was ecstatic. So I made you a video.

Then they sent more samples. Once again, I enjoyed the ‘real food‘ bars and it took all my willpower to not eat them all up in one day.

Larabar wants to share the love.

They are giving away 4 bars (two peanut butter cookie and two cherry pie) to a lucky, and hopefully hungry, Bikini or Bust reader!

larabar the figure competitor's crack

*chomp* Peanut butter....need I say MORE?!

Its time for you to get a tasty surprise in your mailbox.

Here’s how to win.

Larabar didn’t make any of those crazy requirements where you have to follow them, like them, or do anything ridiculous to win. They left the competition guidelines up to your’s truly, so I decided to make it fun and very ‘Bikini or Bust-esque‘.

  • Write a Larabar limerick and post it in the comment section below by the end of the day March 23, 2012.

That’s it. Simple as ‘Cherry Pie.

I will pick the limerick that makes me laugh, cry, or guffaw the loudest and announce it on the blog. The winner will get the fabulous Larabars sent directly to their mailbox and be able to enjoy the fabulous ‘real food’ bars for themselves.

  • To qualify for ‘Bikini or Bust’s Great Larabar Limerick Contest‘ you must live in America or Canada and post your limerick before midnight on March 23, 2012.

Bikini or Bust’s Larabar Limerick

I only thought it fair that I kick off the limericking (is that even a word?) to get the creative juices flowing for everyone.

Larabars are made out of real food.

When I eat them, happy is my mood.

Chocolate cherry torte is my favourite by far,

but who doesn’t love all Larabars?

Now enter the contest dude!

Who’s getting their limerick on?

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  1. Larabars have a girlie name,
    But I promise they are far from lame.
    Ingredients that are real;
    Taste that will make you squeal.
    Try it and see, pleased you shall be!

    I am not sure that is a limerick but I love Larabars!

  2. Ammi Case says

    Larabars are one of my favorite snacks
    I could easily eat them all day
    One of the best things, and this is a fact
    Their ingredients include all things I can say
    I detest having food with ingredients I can’t pronounce
    It makes me so sad and weary
    So with this I will gladly announce
    Larabars are healthy and yummy! 🙂

  3. Larabars are yummy
    They fill up the rumbly in my tummy
    Peanut Butter Cookie makes me swoon
    And keeps my spoon
    Out of the peanut butter jar
    A Larabar for me and one to share with you
    And you’ll say they’re yummy too

  4. There once was a Larabar in my mail,
    It made me want to scream and wail.
    It was a healthy treat,
    Just for me to eat.
    And it helped me run a trail.

    (This will be true if I win!)

  5. There was was a lady named Susan
    Who from so many snack bars was choosin’
    But when she looked closely
    They were all full of mostly
    Total crap. Seriously not amusin’.

    Eventually she picked up this one bar
    What? “Fruit and nuts?’. No palm oil or guar?
    My God, just real stuff
    I can’t thank you enough
    Lara, your ones win it by far.

    Thank you. I’m here all week.

  6. I get my Larabars at Trader Joe’s
    It’s been too long so there I must go.
    Off to get the tasty treat
    Then I’ll be so happy I’ll dance in the street.

    Oh boy was that corny, I am so not good at this BUT it was fun and got me laughing.

  7. Back in the day, when of LARABARS I knew not,
    My snacks made me sluggish, chips are what I bought.
    My life was dark, depressing and dreary,
    I had no ‘umph’ and my steps were weary.

    But one day, LARABARS entered my life,
    and all of a sudden, I was free from strife.
    Energy galore, I was bouncing off the walls
    I finally started to grab life by the balls.

    And so LARABAR, you complete me,
    We need to be together, can’t you see?
    I’ll never give you up, never put you down,
    You’ve created a smile out of my frown.

  8. dates and nuts and fruits cannot bore
    the mouth and stomach of a health food whore

    gluten allergies keep me from wheat
    and i cannot stand the taste of meat

    pop tarts, donuts, nasty snackies i abhorr
    but a larabar, i would eat right off a floor

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