Every Good Woman Needs A Good Sports Bra

I love my bras.

In fact you won’t catch me leaving the house without a bra unless there is a life threatening situation or I am forced to go without because I was just spray tanned. Otherwise, the girls are supported and uplifted, no matter how small they get.

Needless to say, when Under Armour asked if I wanted to review a sports bra, my answer was a solid ‘YES!’

You don’t know what you don’t know until you know.

I had no idea that I had never worn a decent sports bra until I strapped the Armour Bra on.

When you have a small chest, its easy to go for the $9.99 sales rack special that chafes, cuts off your circulation at your ribs, and keeps the girls in a approximate zone.

Good enough is no longer good enough!

The fabulous bra that just happens to match my shoes and tank perfectly arrived the day before I was due to leave for Fantasy Camp.

What better place to test it out?

Donloree Under Armour Workout outfit Figure Competitor

I am apparently 'THAT' woman...the one that even has a matching water bottle. hah!

Both the bra and I were put to the test at Fantasy Camp and we both came out victorious!

Three things I love about the Armour Bra.

1.  Specific sizing.

You can get your exact bra size. Small, medium, or large is so yesterday! I have never had a sports bra that actually fits. My sports bras usually have enough room in the front for me to store an after workout snack while I spill out the back. Being ‘odd shaped‘ is no longer a problem.

Amour Bra by Under Armour

The only problem is if you LOVE pink and you aren't a C cup...

Love this!

2.  Stretchy, but not too stretchy.

It bends and moves with you, but not too much. I was running high intensity sprints this morning and nothing moved, yet I didn’t feel restricted. There is a soft elastic on every edge that keeps the bra in place but it doesn’t chafe or make you feel the need to ‘suck it in‘ while wearing it.

Armour Bra

Everywhere there is blue on the inside there is a soft, yet firm elastic that doesn't cut your circulation off but keeps the bra in place.

The support is fabulous and just the right amount.

3.  Clasp in the back.

A cups don’t have the clasp in the back, but everything after an A cup does. I have never had a sports bra that didn’t pull over your head and fit like a tube top.

After an epic back, chest, delt, or arm day the last thing you want to do is wriggle out of a sweaty sports bra that is holding onto you for dear life. Some days I have nearly asked for help to extricate myself from my sports bra, but now I don’t have to worry!

Even on the days when I can barely move my arms, I can still get out of this bra.

armour bra

Standing there and wondering, 'How the heck am I going to get this darned thing off?' is a thing of the past!


Check it out for yourself, I am sure you’ll become a fan too.

Oh and they have free shipping going on right now for new customers. (I have no idea how long this lasts, but the code for free shipping is FV4RNKLYHJE when you check out.)

I live in Canada, so free shipping rocks my boat. That pesky border costs a lot to cross even for small packages!

What is your favourite sports bra?

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  1. I was shocked, but Old Navy actually has really good sports bras! I’m quite picky about my sports bras but they hold everything in place while running and doing boot camp style drills. A bonus is that they aren’t too expensive!

  2. Wow. I can NEVER find sports bras that fit my 32D frame. I’m always doubling up. I’m definitely checking these out!

  3. Ooohhh, I may have to try these!

    Are they high impact? I use the Champion high impact right now which also come in cup sizes and are also awesome!

    • Totally high impact! I was running full out parking lots sprints, lifting heavy, clean and presses, box jumps, and functional training. I didn’t notice a thing. 😀

  4. I am a big fan of the nike bras you can get a sportchek, but I think that’s because
    a) i don’t know any better than pulling it over my head and having it fit like a tube top
    b) they’ve shrunk – A LOT – but they’re still big and tend to flop around with almost every other type
    c) i may be addicted to uniboobs…?

    Will have to check the UA ones out!!

    On another note, I bought SIZE 8 TOP at lulu today!!! SIZE 8. That’s two, count ’em TWO sizes down from the last time I was there, AND I can wear this one to do weights or spin in without a 2nd bra underneath (running will not be an option — must keep this in mind on Trainer Shane days because he likes to make me run stairs).

  5. I absolutly love my Under Armour Endure sports bra with the zip up front closure. It’s so comfy and snug, nothing moves no matter how much jumping, running and bouncing I do…a little scary zipping up the first time, your boobs are the 1 place you don’t want skin getting caught in a zipper 🙂 , just too bad they’re so expensive

  6. I always buy the cheap Champion bras from Target, but I am only a B cup, so think they work just fine. I have read two reviews in the last few weeks about nice bras like these and I am tempted to try. Just hate spending the money if it is not vastly different. Will have to go try this one on. Thanks for the review.

  7. I have some from Champion that I really like. Although I’m very large busted and am always on the lookout for something better.

  8. Oh this came at the perfect time for me! Running these long distances I am getting bad chaffing under my sports bras and that is so not fun! I will most definitely have to try these out! And you totally had me laughing!

  9. I haven’t found a bra that fits with my bigger boobs yet – but I will sure give this one a look!

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