Fantasy Camp Kuh-ILLED Me and I Love It!

I can barely type, let alone walk.

Fantasy Camp broke my body and made my spirits soar. It was filled to the brim with amazing training, information, people, and everything in between.

What was the best part?

  • Training?

Learning new things and how to effectively train for me was awesome. Great instruction, help, and tips. Perfect.

Donloree Training, Figure Competitor

This was weight belt attempt number 3. The first one was WAY too big, the second one WAY too small, this one was JUST right!

I also got to meet and train with my fabulous coach. Meeting someone in person that you have spent so much time working towards a goal with is freakishly fun.

Donloree Hoffman and Kori Propst Fantasy Camp

I got my butt kicked by the amazing Kori Propst twice. She is the main reason I can't move today.

  • Information?

Who gets the opportunity to learn posing from Ms. Universe? This girl! Karen Monetti, Amy Llinas Lynch, and Liz Marcantonio are amazing athletes and women.

Karen Monetti, Liz Marcantonio

They took time to give each of us feedback on our posing and physique. Awesome!

Seminars, round table discussion, and question and answer sessions with Dr. Joe, Dave Goodin, Martin Daniels, Kori Propst, and Anthony Monetti were informative, hilarious, and packed with content.

Dr Joe round table Fantasy camp

They are ridiculously smart.

  • People?

People came from literally the other side of the world for this camp. The farthest participant came from Sydney, Australia. Talk about commitment!

Fantasy Camp people

We just got our butts kicked...can you tell?

These men mean business when it comes to kicking your butt in the gym, but they are some of the nicest men you will ever meet.

Anthony Monetti, TJ Lynch, Martin Daniels

Yup, we were all kinda scared.

  • Something intangible. Yup!

The people, training, information, and of course the food, were all out of this world; but there was something even better.

There is nothing quite like spending the weekend with champions that aren’t just champions because of a title. Training with, learning from, and sharing your life with people who know what it means to be a champion is incredible.

Winning starts in the mind.

The champion mindset enables you to chart a course in life that takes you to your dreams.

The humility, kindness, and mental strength that I saw lived out and breathed for 72 hours was like nothing I have ever experienced before.

Being a champion is a seed you plant in your heart, water, and grow every single day.

Work like the world is watching, so when the world watches the work is done.

Where you plant yourself matters. choose wiselyPhoto Credit

You get to decide what grows in your heart and mind.

Grow into a champion. 

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  1. Looks like an amazing time. Ride that wave of inspiration as long as you can. Apply what you’ve learned, and relive it in your head over and over again — especially during those times when your home grown motivation is lacking. This experience will stay with you for your entire training life — if you let it 🙂

  2. So glad you had such a great time and learned so much! I love how huge your smile is in that picture with Kori! So cute!

    And thanks for the reminder to get back to my champion mindset! LOVE the champion mindset!

  3. This sounds amazing. I don’t think I could have ever flown from Sydney to North America…that’s a whole new level of dedication!

    • Tons and tons of dedication. And of course the woman that came from Sydney was amazing and we loved her ‘accent’, but I also apparently have an accent. 😛

  4. I just got goose bumps reading that post. Thanks for ALWAYS ALWAYS dishing out enough inspiration to help us all keep on keepin on.
    I am glad it was a fun weekend and it sounds like you learned a lot… I had to laugh when you said the food was good though… i mean, you pack your own food on an airplane, so i really doubt the food was THAT good….. hahaha

  5. This looks like an amazing weekend/camp–can’t imagine the dedication, hard work and effort it takes to compete in one of these! wow! And, I thought running was hard!

  6. I love this! Looks like you had an awesome time! And those trainers, um, yes please =) What fun and so cool you had the opportunity to go.

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