Message In A Bathroom

You know that moment when you’re about to do something kinda big, you’re nervous, and you feel completely out of your element?

I had one of those moments this morning.

It involved microphones, video cameras, and me pouring out passion from the depth of my heart and soul.

Whenever I get nervous, my bladder shrinks and I find myself in the bathroom more often you think is possible.

So before we started the filming, I made a pit stop.

Best pit stop ever!

Donloree You are Beautiful Figure Competitor

I swear this message was written just for me today!

It made me laugh out loud and was exactly what I needed to remember in that moment.

You are beautiful, now go take over the world!

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  1. I can identify with the bladder thing and yes, you are beautiful! Reading this left me with a big smile on my face! 🙂

  2. Love your smile! It’s infectious! 😀

  3. This made me SMILE! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the FitFluential crew! Looking forward to following you…Happy Hump Day!

  4. love it!!!! 🙂

  5. Expressive — in a good kinda way…

  6. This was like an mission on someone’s part. Awesomeness. Love your smile! A moment of Pure happiness.

  7. How awesome! Isn’t it weird how when we need something what we need is there?

  8. Absolutely wonderful – love it!

  9. Hilarious! Yet I love it!
    New follower here from FitFluential – Welcome!

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