Say NO To Thinspirations!

What the heck is a ‘Thinspiration” anyways?

In my, not so humble opinion, it is a sign of our messed up mindset on what is beautiful.

Thinspiration (thuh-in-spear-ray-shun) A board on Pinterest that is filled with pictures of skeletal women that remind you not to eat, tells you life is better when you’re skinny, and life begins in size zero pants.

My anxiety rises when I look at these boards.

Perfect body? I think not.

This is a world gone wrong. Oh so very wrong. There is nothing perfect about this!

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Just the facts.

  • Wearing smaller pants won’t improve your vision. See what is great about yourself now.
  • Life isn’t better when your skinnier.
  • You can be thin on the outside and have the fattest mind on the planet. How you think shapes your world.
  • One day you’re going to be old and most likely the antithesis of ‘thinspirational‘, but you can be drop dead gorgeous. Who you are matters more than what you look like.
  • Every. Single. Magazine. Picture. Is. Photoshopped.
shed your weight problems here

Time to lighten the load!

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If you look in the mirror and can only see what isn’t about you, you will never see ‘what is‘ about you if you ever ‘arrive‘.

Say no to this:

ralph lauren photoshop

I feel inspired to feed this woman a gianormous sandwich, nothing more.

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And YES to this:

Love your Body

Seriously, you are fantabulous.

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This video says it all.

‘Maybe she’s born with it…nah, I’m pretty sure its Fotoshop.”

Be the best you possible every single day, that is all that is required.

Who’s with me?

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  1. oh those first pictures are nauseating!! What a horrible message they are sending and honestly, I can say to each of them… I’d rather eat what they are warning against than look like that anyway!
    Best line ever, should be BOLD UNDERLINED AND HUGE
    The whole world needs to read this blog post.

  2. I looove that video!! Haha. I 100% agree with everything you said. Back in my ED days, I used to spend hours looking for thinspiration. Thank God Pinterest didn’t exist back then. The most common thing people search to find my blog is “anorexic models” or “thinspiration”, I’m talking at least 50 hits a day coming from those two words. It’s really weird considering I have only done ONE post talking about it. So prepare to be inundated with the same, although I hope the positive nature of our posts will help change some opinions 🙂

  3. Is it any wonder that so many women battle eating disorders? We are bombarded by so many false messages. Thank you for telling the truth!

  4. So I drop in here pretty regularly and offer a male perspective on a blog intended for females. I come from a competitive bodybuilding background and have a great passion for a well sculpted male or female physique. The best kept secret on earth: Most men, and I have had this conversation with many good friends, most men prefer curves. We don’t like skinny, and I’m not saying we like fat. But the consensus among my peers is that curvy women are more desirable than the concentration camp victims that show up on magazine covers. I’ll take it a step further though; if a woman can make me laugh and speak on a variety of topics, I think she’s hot — at any weight. If she can do neither, then I turn away, even if she’s a size 1.

  5. I do NOT aspire to be thin. I aspire to be healthy, muscular, and kick ass!


  6. I used to have food hang-ups which were hang-overs from my Eating Disorder days. Ever since I started eating to be strong rather than eating to be thin, my perspective on food, nourishment and my body have changed for the better.

    Thin doesn’t equal beautiful – respecting your body and your mind does.

    • You are right. Respecting and loving yourself is amazingly beautiful. I am so glad to hear that you have made such amazing changes in your mind, that is where all the greatness begins!

  7. Thank you for this post.

  8. You know what is sad, I used to want to look like this…
    When I was obese and unhappy I associated being thin with being happy and kept telling myself I wanted to look like those silly thinspirations…

    Once I started working out and losing weight I began to realize I would never look like them because well I had muscle 🙂 And I began to realize that I was way happier looking like I do and being able to run the way I want in the body I have than being stickly thin 😉

    I am with you on saying no to the magazines!!!!!!!!!

  9. I am supposed to want a gap in my thighs…..?

    Is that a thing? I’m so pleased with my 225 deadlift legs though.

  10. Just plain awful. What a sad, sad message they are sending. I am all for people improving the way they look, but that mentality they are preaching is harmful…

  11. Oh goodness, YES!

    I agree! Fit is hot, skinny is kinda gross by itself, and NO ONE is as thin as the ads in “fashon” magazines make you think ‘you’ should be.

    Healthy women, let’s band together!

  12. Linda Steward says

    Such a great post!!! I shared it on my facebook page. Thank you,

  13. This is going to be an epidemic among young girls! I was watching a documentary the other day about a girl that is 8 years old with anorexia!! When i was 8 I was a stick because i was so busy playing in the mud and riding my bike! I will also admit that when I was overweight I wanted to be stick thin. Not anymore! I love building muscle and feeling strong. Great post!

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