There is no complaining in bodybuilding

I am serious.

Everything that I can, have, and do complain about is 100% ‘my fault‘.

No one is making me:

  • Get up at 4:30 am
  • Eat a super focussed diet
  • Train like a mad woman
  • Do HIIT sprints after training and cardio on non-lifting days
  • Say no to ‘tasty‘ foods
  • Practice posing
  • Get over myself and glue a suit to my arse
  • Pack food most places I go
  • Only have 14 almonds, not 15

Not even my coach is responsible for what I do or don’t do. Joe and Kori make the plans, I implement or don’t. Its that simple or complex, however you want to look at it.

I want to do this.

Sometimes competitors forget that doing a competition is something that we choose to do. No one but me says I have to do this competition. I compete because I like it.

Totally masochistic, I know.

I try really hard to not complain out loud because it sounds ridiculous to anyone that has ears.

When I say:

  • Oh wow. I wish I could have that piece of cake. This BITES!

People with ears hear:

  • I’m pathetic. I want to lean down and stand on a stage in a bikini, and God only knows why, and now I am lusting after your cake like a deranged woman. I can eat the cake if I want to and I want to but I don’t want to….can you please feel guilty for eating the cake in front of me?

Why do you get cake and I don't? Red velvet with cream cheese frosting too!! Woe is me!!!


I could continue, but I won’t torture you.

When I complain I sound like the prima dona that is put out because her housekeeper is on vacation and no one is coming to clean her house this week. Whatever is she going to do?!

Meanwhile, we all want to punch her in the mouth.

Today I am reminded to be grateful that I get to compete in the first place. Gratitude changes the landscape of your life. Instead of seeing what isn’t, I am choosing to see what is.

Your life is a series of choices, make ’em happy ones!

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  1. You said it sister. The only thing I can complain about is people trying to make me break my focus simply because they don’t understand it.

  2. “sounds ridiculous to anyone that has ears”

    You are too funny! Yes to gratitude. Outlook is EVERYTHING! So happy you’re competing because you WANT to! Keep up the awesome work. 🙂

  3. Haha this is SO true! I seriously have the worst willpower. I’m glad I’m not often in situations where cake is involved!

  4. What we put ourselves through is the price we pay to reach our goals, and this is something I’m learning. I definitely made strides forward by looking at it with a positive mindset – “I get to…” instead of focusing on what I think I’m missing out on. Great job!

  5. you rock!

  6. Donloree! Did I tell you lately that I am so happy that you are my daughter? Thank God for giving you to us. You are sooooooooo right!

  7. You rock. Seriously. I don’t see how anyone COULDN’T complain about dieting with comps! Those who don’t all that often (ie- YOU!) are amazing. Such an inspiration!

  8. Seriously, I so needed this reminder today. I choose to do this, so therefore, I need to choose to enjoy the process and leave everyone else the heck alone!!! You always help me see the bright side of the situation!! Thank you!

  9. I love this post!!! I say every day “its not fair I can’t eat this or that”, but truly why do I want it??? I guess we all want everything right? Great post!

  10. Band name: The 15th Almond. Love it. You are privileged to be so deprived. Enjoy it!

  11. It’s the “we want what we can’t have”…last Easter approaching a show I wanted every chocolate bunny
    And every cupcake/cake anything sweet I saw. This year, no show around Easter and I didn’t even have
    The thought of eating chocolate. It’s totally a mind game of all of a sudden wanting it cause you know you
    Actually cannot!
    Way to go! 3/4s of competing is the challenges you cross daily, even hourly, for months prior to the show!

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