Food Dreams – A New Kind of Torture

The sound of fire doors smashing shut and the fire alarm screaming jolted us awake at 1 am this morning.

Once I knew we weren’t about to be incinerated, I started the process of gathering my most valuable things, finding my purse, and putting on some more clothes. My husband is the only one I will torture with my ‘pajamas‘ which consists of short shorts, woodcutter-esque wool socks, and the latest and greatest free t-shirt.

The man deserves an award for putting up with me.

After 37 minutes of standing outside with my neighbours who were also clutching laptops, cameras, photo albums, pets, and purses; we were allowed back inside.


It was the best I could do at 1 am after being woken up from an epic sleep. More fire trucks and firemen supervising the 'situation' than smoke.

With one eye closed, I took off my down filled coat, set the coffee pot to start perking at 4:25, and dropped back into bed.

What followed was torture in the extreme.

For the next 3 hours, I suffered through the craziest food dreams on the planet.

Martinis, nachos, cake, donuts, cheesecake, wine, chocolate, popcorn, and pizza were devoured by your’s truly all while I kept saying,  ‘Umm…why am I eating this? I don’t eat this stuff. Huh! Strange. Complete and utter strangeness! Tasty though! Ooh, CAKE!

I knew it wasn’t really happening because no peanut butter was consumed. If this had been real life, I would have eaten more peanut butter than one woman should eat in a month.

Mexican food

I started with something like this, ate it in about 12 seconds, and then went on the desserts.

While I gorged, all my friends chanted, ‘EAT, EAT, EAT!


I was very thankful to wake up this morning to the usual black coffee, egg whites, and kasha.

Apparently the combination of a rest day, high carb day, and midnight fire results in enough stress to push me over the edge to have a mental food binge.

I feel like I have entered a whole new realm of prep.

Literally dreaming of food.

Have you ever dreamt of food while dieting?

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  1. Who DOESN’T have food dreams while in prep?! Usually mine consist of me accidentally eating something not on my diet … like cheesecake. I forget I’m dieting, take a bite, and then freak out, thinking I accidentally cheated on my diet. I usually wake up freaked out until I realize it was just a dream. 🙂

  2. Cookies are the most frequent offender in my dreams. 🙂

  3. Wow, how scary! I’m glad you’re okay. It’s funny how the first thing I would grab in a fire would be my laptop.

  4. I ABSOLUTELY dreamed of food in Competition mode….and i would pretend to eat it too and food i would never eat normally! it was weirddddd

    I was obsessed with Carrot cake, carrot muffins and i cannot tell you why….lol

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day, Donloree! I’ve just nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award.

  6. Along with Elaine, I also nominated you for the Versatile Blog Award!

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