Overnight Success Comes From A Lifetime Of Perseverance

No one quite knows what to do with Jeremy Lin, the newest team member of the New York Knicks. He has come out of nowhere and is making a hug splash in the NBA; actually the world.

Seriously, where did he come from?

Jeremy Lin

Out of nowhere to everywhere!

The end of the bench.

For years he worked hard, went undrafted, and didn’t receive much play time. He was never thought of as a superstar in the making; yet his determination never wavered.

When you keep going, keep working, and keep driving forward despite circumstance, you get to come out of nowhere and show the world what a champion truly is.

You can’t lead a team to victory until you lead yourself there first.

Just ask Jeremy.

The courage, strength, and mental discipline that Jeremy displays on the court is remarkable

Victory doesn’t start on a stage as grand as Madison Square Gardens; it starts when no one is watching, when you are all alone standing in what could be perceived as failure. One day the whole world my be watching you, what are you going to do with today’s perceived failure?

This is my dream being lived out. Right here. I am so thankful.

Never, ever quit; even if you are at the end of the bench.

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  1. Great post! Just the inspiration I was looking for this morning. Thanks again 🙂

  2. Inspiring!

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