I Prefer My Food Naked. There I Said It.

Oh the joys of eating out for business while on a contest diet!

The banter between myself and the waitress is way more high maintenance than necessary and I have an audience.

DL – (pretending to read the menu) I will take a house salad, dressing on the side, and plain grilled chicken breast. Oh by the way, what veggies come on the house salad?

WaitressA beautiful heirloom tomato, julienned carrots, and other in season vegetables. So nothing on the chicken?

DL – (calculating macros in my head) Just grilled and on the side. Perfect!

WaitressAre you allergic to something? We have a lovely marinade that tastes absolutely divine on the chicken.

DLNo, I am not allergic, just plain grilled chicken. Salt, pepper, and maybe garlic?

WaitressI could ask the chef what other seasonings are available.

DLNo, don’t worry about it. Just no oil or butter please. Plain chicken….make it as boring as you can please.

WaitressSo just plain. On the grill. Nothing on it. Ok then. 

DLYup. Exactly. I like my food naked.

Perhaps I should just lead with that.

So, I like my food naked…

I am sure no one will get the wrong impression.

Who else out there likes their food naked?

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  1. I always eat my salad naked. I used to ask for dressing on the side so that I could control the amount I used but now I’m so accustomed to eating it undressed that I like it best that way.

  2. i get the funniest looks when they say “what kind of dressing” and I say “none.” They always stop, look me right in the eye and carefully say “……none…?” Yes. None. The reaction is invariably “on the side?”

    Yes. I would like no dressing. On the side. Thanks.

  3. I’m a big fan of the “I’ll have the XXX, but without the XXX and without XXX and I’d like to add XXX and grilled chicken, please.”

    My boyfriend, who now knows better, no longer asks me what I want and then orders it for me. He instead says, “Why don’t you let her order first – oh and do you have a pen?”

  4. Hi Donloree, just started checking out your blog. Absolutely fabulous, it is! I love my food naked! Started training for my first competition (bikini) last November. The date is in April, but I am plugging along. Your journey is certainly helping me out. When I have a day off I am going to read you from beginning to end to catch myself up! By the way I am 47, and a staggering 5′ tall!!

    • Thanks for saying hi! I love it that you are training like a mad woman. YES, this can and SHALL be done. I have a lot of competitor friends that are as ‘tall’ as you. 😀

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