I Need A Mountain To Climb

Bodybuilding is a rather ridiculous sport, all in all. 

You train like a mad woman, weigh every ounce of food you consume, live your life in an ‘obsessed‘ manner, and then you stand on a stage in a bedazzled bikini to be judged on your appearance.

  • Dieting is not fun.
  • Becoming a muscular skeleton is not easy.
  • Pushing your body to failure every day hurts.
  • Cake DOES taste good.
  • Explaining how you can’t have ‘just one bite‘ gets real old, real fast.
  • Winning results in ‘pro‘ status which means nothing in the real world, other than MORE dieting and ridiculousness that no one understands.

Yet I love it; but probably not for any of the reasons you think.

Bodybuilding is all about who I am becoming, not what.

I am hardwired to compete, and not just a little bit. If the stakes aren’t high enough, the challenge not difficult enough, and the opportunity to fail not present; I’m out.

Mountain to climb

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If winning is guaranteed, I will opt to sit on the sidelines and watch others compete.

Bodybuilding is a crazy sport that has brought out the best in me and helped me to dream past the impossible and jump into the incredible in all areas of my life.

The amount of work, focus, self discipline, inner peace, and loving every single part of who I am is required to do well in this sport. I spend more time training my brain than my body. How I think, what I believe, and what I say about myself, my relationships, the world, and my business creates outcomes.

I strive daily for amazing outcomes. 

Why don’t you just train hard and not compete?

There is more to learn for me in this season. Motion creates emotions. I want to feel successful, fulfilled, love myself, and have an inner calm that is a direct result of focus and discipline. There is work to be done, much more work to be done, in all these areas of my life. I will continue to compete against myself.

I am blessed to be in community with competitors that are a unique breed of people who live audacious, fulfilled, and purposeful lives. They are far ahead of me in so many areas of life. As I train next to them I learn and am pushed to grow past my self imposed limitations.

  • Every single thing matters and adds up over time to create what is today and what will be tomorrow.
  • Pushing past resistance can create more strength than you thought possible.
  • You must rest. Killing yourself doesn’t create success, rather balance does.
  • Intensity is the outcome of passion and when focussed it can shift worlds and overcome obstacles that once seemed impossible.
  • How you train shows up on the stage and in life.
  • Outcomes cannot be controlled, the only thing you can control is yourself.
  • People matter more than anything else in the world; creating an amazing team is paramount for success.

It turns out bodybuilding is an inside job.

Who are you training to become?

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  1. This is an awesome, awesome post DL. I want to print this out and stick it to all my walls! Even though I’m still yet to compete I can totally relate to everything you said 🙂

  2. Every time I read your blog, I swear that I gain wisdom. … And I think that I really am competitive, even though I didn’t think that I was because I do not want to win because I am the only one in my category. I want to strive to be the best that I can be. I want to climb a freaking mountain!!!!

    p..s I will take some new pics this week. 😉

  3. Oh gosh, I have those moments many a time of “WTF this is ridiculous” when I think about competition and why I did it. It IS totally ridiculous and, at the same time, strangely addicting. Part of me says I will never ever do it again, but I have an inner nagging voice that says ‘commonnnn just do it! you know you CAN’

    Like we were discussing on Twitter the other night, my relationship w/ food can be a bit out of whack sometimes. Food quality is a non-issue: I am a stickler for what I put into my body 110% because I wan’t to be, not because I arbitrarily deem it necessary per se. At the same time, I still have moments of overeating healthful, whole foods when I get stressed or panic. (Hence hiring a coach!)

    The last thing I need to do is throw myself back under the truck before I have my junk together – if that makes sense? BUT……. i still totally have the ‘itch’ to compete……. LOL

    • It totally makes sense. For the last year while I was unable to compete I worked on my food, mindset, and what I think about things…its an awesome journey and one that is so worth going on. Coaches are fabulous and I am so happy for you. Go get healthy inside and out and then cream the competition on the stage SOON!

  4. Training for a competition has shown me how strong I am, and the results of determination and discipline. It has affected other parts of my life that are…. indescribable. I am proud of what I have accomplished so far, and if there are even bigger things to come I will be astounded!

  5. Sing it, sister! How do you always manage to say what’s in my heart? 😉

  6. I’m training to prove to myself that I CAN DO IT! I can transform my body! I CAN have confidence! I CAN have total inner-peace! I CAN have the body I desire healthfully and with the support of your blog as well as others along with my hard work and determination and my hunny’s support, I know I CAN DO IT! Although I am a competitor and fitness enthusiast I AM doing this for me and me only and that’s exciting! I plan to compete on June 24, 2012 a day before my birthday! I can’t wait! Thanks for your wisdom! Smooches <3

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