Huck the old, stinky bananas out the window

If you are keeping the old, stinky bananas; its time to stop.

Watch my silly video to see why!

Read the whole post that inspired me to come up with the banana metaphor in the first place.

Change your mind, change your world.


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  1. Natalia Aresu says

    You are awesome! Just what I needed to hear.

  2. Ahhhhh hahahahahahaha what a crack up! You have me laughing out loud Miss Donloree!!!!!! I love that you put banana in your hair to demonstrate negative thoughts!! Who does that??? You do……. and I so wish I knew you personally coz I think we would get on great!!!

    You have no idea how much inspiration you give me….not only as a competitor but also just to be myself and smack life in the face 🙂

    • YES, that would be tons and tons of fun. I don’t think the world would quite know what to do with us though. 😀 Yup, just be you and shine bright, the world may not know it but that is exactly what they want and need. Go do it lady!

  3. That’s so totally BRILLIANT! 2012 is now going to be my ‘no gross bananas or chewing gum! year’, they are all going to be chucked out, scraped off and thrown away!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel cleaner and lighter already!!!! Thanks a million!

  4. Awesome!!

  5. Love it!

  6. Haha this is awesome! I love you!

  7. OMG! LOVE it : )

    Can’t believe you put a stinky banana in your hair….though it may condition well 😛

  8. You’re a hoot! I love the analogy. Thanks for this video demo. I think this goes hand in hand with throwing oneself pitty parties. You do it often enough and the funk will liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinger!

  9. Nice ‘Tude. Love your blogs!

  10. Excellent! Totally made me smile this morning 🙂

    P.S. You are a natural on video!

  11. OMG I can’t believe you actually mashed a banana in your hair! I’m laughing so hard right now! Love the metaphor! How’s your post-banana hair today? 🙂

  12. We must be on the same wavelength these days. I agree with you and have beed doing the same work and I say…

    No bananas! No-No Bananas!

    No Bananas! No-No Bananas!

  13. My favorite blog post of anyone in years!!! Epic!

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