Severe Rice Cake Envy

At 10:37 this morning, I was busy estimating how many carbs are in the walls of my condo.

A rather odd thing to muse on unless you are starving and contemplating eating them and their door frame friends too! When 11:00 rolled around and I got to have my late morning snack of a rice cake and almond butter, I was relieved but not satisfied.

I am suffering from severe Rice Cake Envy.

Both Kathleen and Kori have mentioned their love of chocolate rice cakes. As any good dieting competitor would do, I promptly went in search of them to bring home and immediately smother in a nut butter.

I came home empty handed. THREE TIMES.

These women live in America; the land of chocolate rice cakes.

I live in Canada; the land of plain, salted popcorn, caramel, kettle corn, chocolate caramel, dill, sour cream, cheddar, and salt and vinegar rice cakes.

No chocolate.

chocolate rice cakes

Ummm..delicious! Need I say more?

At  1 protein, 11 carbs, and 1 fat they would be a decadent treat for me. Add a tablespoon of nut butter on top of it and I would be in heaven.

Where does a good Canadian girl find these illicit, decadent, and reasonable carb chocolate rice cakes?

I am putting out an official Donloree SOS.


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  1. I’ll ship you some, in exchange for cold harsh winds, a few Rush CDs, and a Pat Verbeek autographed stick. I love doing business with Canada!

  2. Amazon! 🙂

    Yeah, you’ll have to buy a case of them, but it might just be worth it!

  3. Oh my gosh you are adorable! I bet if you wrote to the company and complained about it, they’d probably send you some =)

  4. Of all the things to not be able to find! I hope the chocolate rice cake dilemma is fixed ASAP. I’ll send you some if necessary! 😉

  5. If you don’t go the Amazon route, I’ll totally ship you some. You make me laugh so don’t even worry about anything in return. Lol. FB me your address if you really want some. I could send you some other naughty (food) things as well. Hahaha! Unfortunately for me, my kids have been raiding my rice cakes. But better for me because I recently put Nutella on one….sinful.

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