My New Mantra

I am kicking off the epic, 40 week prep with a drop in carbs.

For the past year I have had a lot of carbs, so this reduction in carbs is a bit of a shock to my system

Nobody panic.

  • I have a refeed day.
  • We are in the healthy range of macros and calories.
  • Joe has a master plan and I am implementing like a dieting maven.
  • There will be no killing of Donloree.

I haven’t dieted for a long time…I forgot how focussed it can be.

Buh-bye post workout apple!

Yes. I am the woman that eats cold chicken at 8:30 in the change room.

I have no shame.

To keep me focussed and motivated, I have a new mantra.

What I lack in carbs, I make up for in heart!

Heck, I am even contemplating getting it put on a workout top!

What’s your mantra?


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  1. That’s a great mantra! And very true for you! I saw one once that said on the the front ‘Warning! In Contest Prep’ and on the back ‘Watch Your Step’…..

  2. Love it. Add in that “heart” is made out of protein, and it makes even more sense…

  3. I totally want one of those tops!

  4. Haha well I definitely need that shirt 😉 I eat chicken in the locker room too so you’re not alone!

  5. AHAH love the mantra! and AGREEED!

  6. “I hate ________ (insert thing of the day I hate). But I hate fat more.”

    For example it may go something like, “I hate plyo lunges. But I hate fat more.”
    Or, “I hate not eating peanut butter cups. But I hate fat more.”

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