40 Weeks!

Nope. I am not pregnant, I am competing!

After a huge, tedious, and epic uphill battle, these health issues are behind me or under control:

  • Severe anemia
  • Hashimoto
  • Estrogen insufficiency
  • Secondary Addison’s /Adrenal Insufficiency
  • Wonky thyroid

My body did more dying than living.

Not only do I get my life back, but I get to compete again. The starting point is not pretty, but it is where I am and I sincerely could not be happier.

I spent the last 15 months getting my health back, training as much as my body would let me, counting every macro, and learning about what is truly important in life.

Due to the amount of weight my body required to get healthy again, it is going to be a long prep. I will be competing in the October 2012 show with the INBF which is anywhere from 38 to 40 weeks from now.

40 weeks is a long time!

Tara and I were chatting on Twitter about how professional competitors spout that you only need 8 to 12 weeks to get ready for the next show…which is true if you are disciplined after your competition and your body agrees with the plan.

My body did not agree.

I would not trade the lessons I have learned, the people I have met, or how I have grown during this epic season of my life.

Yesterday I was musing about how I could have chosen a different path 15 months ago and posted this on my Facebook Page:

There is a difference between intention and direction. Intention is what you want, direction is where you are going. Don’t be surprised at where you are, actively choose where you want to be and go there. Say no to things that are not your dream, purpose, and passion and say YES to who and what you are designed to be. The conditions are never perfect and now IS the time.

I could have given up, dove head first into the food, stopped training, and decided my business needed to be put on the shelf….that I would just wait until it was easier. Something compelled me to move forward every single day. A millimetre of movement in the right direction is still progress.

Not only did I grow mental muscles, I grew actual muscle!

DL Back Jan 15, 2012

You have to love the 'I'm sitting on the bathroom counter after sweating like crazy' self portrait progress pictures. I full out scared a few women at the YMCA that morning.

I will post official starting pictures soon, but I know there is some muscle hiding under that fat. Heck, I can even see a few back muscles starting to show.

Where are you going?

It may be dark, hard, and seem interminable but you are going somewhere. You have the choice to be passively pushed somewhere or actively choose your destination.

Stop wishing and hoping. Choose it and make it happen, even if it is one millimetre at a time.

So where are you going now?

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  1. Totally stoked to watch you progress, live, and conquer! This is going to be an epic ride and inspirational and motivational for many — myself included. Three words: Full Beast Mode. Go kill it!

  2. I’m so excited for ya! Congrats!

  3. Woohoo! I’m so happy for you. I’m chasing my dream at the same time. Goal is September 8 for me so we’ll be doing this together! We can do this!

  4. I’m so excited for you! 🙂

  5. Wowza! You have come overcome a ton!! I’m a firm believer in slow and steady wins the race. I’m really excited to watch your transformation and what you do over the next 40 weeks!

    I started changing my diet and body at the end of September, knowing that I would want to compete in March. I’m now less than 9 weeks out, yikes! I feel like I still have a long ways to go. I think getting out there and experiencing it will help me overcome my fears and let me know what I need to change.

  6. Girl you are hardcore!! 40 weeks and you have basically been in prep mode this whole time you have been recovering too. You are my idol!!
    You gonna rock this show and I love whoever up there said “beast mode’ mmmhmmmm go get it girlfriend! Can’t waite to be your cheerleader along the way!
    And I am hiding from my blog :o) Personal information because I am a whimp and i haven’t decided to be as brave as i should be yet. Hehe April 28th there is a little NGA show in my town that I am praying praying praying I can be ready for- to finish out this goal of mine and prove to myself that I am not a quitter and I am capable of doing the unthinkable for myself!!!

    • Thanks lady! We will keep your secret for you, but I am SO EXCITED for you. You are not a quitter at all. Sometimes things are yes, but not now. Seriously. Keep up the great work!

  7. Wow, I didn’t realise you had overcome that much! Good on you. You were already so inspirational with all your amazing posts, but now I love you even more for not giving up when it seemed like the world was really trying to pull you down! As for the 40 week prep, I honestly don’t know if I could do that. My trainer did a 5 month prep, I think, but he is now Mr Sydney, so it was totally worth it! I just think I’d go absolutely crazy dieting so strictly for so long.

    • Thanks lady! The diet is pretty strict right now, but things change over time. If that is where I want to go then this is what I need to do and I am very happy to do it. 😀

  8. AHHH I am so happy I can still continue with you on this journey! I’m looking forward to the next 40 weeks of prep : )

    I am so happy to know that your health is in check and your energy is just as positive, powerful and willing! 🙂

    PS having a double down day myself today.

  9. So happy to read this Donloree! This is what “never give up” means! Can’t wait to follow along on your journey!

  10. Charli Smith says

    Can’t wait for my first competition…you are truly inspiring!!!!

  11. YAY! I’m so excited for you. I’m mostly excited and happy that you feel better. That your health is under control and you aren’t struggling and feeling horrible anymore. What a great feeling for you I’m sure! Cannot wait to follow along on this journey with you and watch your dreams come true. You’re a true inspiration my friend!

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