Why do bananas get all the love?

Please, pretty please, can some fabulous inventor ‘invent‘ the Rice Cake Guard?

All you need to do is take this:

Awkward, but brilliant.

And modify it for this:

A staple for most competitors...at least this one!

And if you want to make an elite or special edition version, create one with a small leak proof snap on container that holds 1 tbsp of nut butter in it. Oh, and a wee little knife that snaps onto the case will make us deliriously happy.

You will be a bazillionaire once you are ‘discovered‘ by the crazy world of bodybuilding.

Heck, no need to be discovered; I will tell them all about you.

Who’s on it?

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  1. Haha you should invent it! I never eat rice cakes though. Hate them.

    • I used to hate them, but now I love them with peanut butter on them. If I have the extra carbs in my life a tsp of honey on top. *chomp* I should invent them, but I don’t want to spend my time on it. hahah! I just want it NOW.

  2. BUT… I carried my banana naked in my lunchbox the entire day and it never suffered any ill harm. Why do bananas warrant a protective case?! Rice cakes, yes. They are delicate creations that will shatter without provocation. Plus their case would be so much less eye catching and comment causing than that banana case. That banana case is just weird.

  3. There you go! You totally need to get together with someone and patent that badboy idea!


  4. Tiffany Miller says

    You crack me up, that is all!

  5. Awkward but brilliant indeed lol!

  6. YES! i inevitably end up with pieces of rice, which I then roll in my nut butter and lick off my fingers. The best solution I’ve found is to saran wrap the rice cakes to each other (I take 2) and then put in ziploc. I buy Justin’s nut butter packages. Unfortunately those are 2T 🙁 I’ve also bought the baby condiment cups (places like Smart & Final sell them in semi-normal quantities… ie only 100!). It’s not environmentally friendly, but hey, it works.

    • I do the saran wrap thing too…I wrap them as tight as womanly possible and pray they don’t explode into a bazillion pieces. I put nut butter into small containers I have found and wash them by hand on a daily basis. No other options! lol!!

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