Be And Get An Expert

I love helping new competitors navigate the choppy waters of their first competition.

Spending hours answering questions for a new competitor never bothers me. I have answered the same questions over and over and over again.

  • How do you plan your meals?
  • Where do you buy your ‘stripper shoes’ from?
  • How do you organize your day?
  • Where do you grocery shop?
  • How do you eat on plan but still be social?
  • I’m freaking out. How do you not freak out?
  • How do you pick a bikini?
  • Who do you train with and why?
  • What does your breakfast look like?
  • How do you split your macros up?
  • What supplements do you take and how much of each?
  • How do you keep track of workouts, food, and goals?
  • Hair removal….?

They can even ask me what I am eating and I won’t get offended. On a rare occasion, I have even been known to let them sample my food.

Even if it is all measured and planned, I would share with a fellow competitor now and again...but no one else!

You’re pretty darned special if I let you taste my food.

Emails, coffee dates, phone calls, and connecting competitors to resources and people I think could help them out is something I don’t mind doing at all.


I remember what it was like at the starting line feeling alone and completely lost as I started out on the journey to my first competition with only Google and more misinformation than one woman needs in a lifetime to guide me.

I don’t have all the answers, not even close.

What I do have is more experience, success, and information than some people and I am happy to share what I have with them. When you share your success, it creates room for more in your life.

Who doesn’t want more success?

I work with some of the most amazing experts in the industry and am learning on a daily basis from them. An epic turning point in my training and success was when I started dieting with Joe Klemczewski and training with his amazing partner in crime, Kori Propst. They have trained and dieted HUNDREDS of natural pro competitors and lead the charge in science based training and nutrition.

Don’t believe the lie that just because you haven’t ‘arrived‘ that you have nothing to give to people. There are so many people where where you once were in all aspects of life. Your trials, successes, and failures make you an amazing mentor and inspiration to many people.

Share, grow, and learn with the people around you.

I do have to warn you that this may result in bringing your spare set of ‘stripper shoes‘ to the YMCA at 6 am to lend to a friend.

Who DOESN'T have a pair of these in their gym bag?

Learn, grow, and give…I think this may become my motto for 2012.

Who’s your expert? Who’s expert are you?

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  1. Former competitor — not stripper heel kind, banana hammock kind. Trainer. Gym owner. I learn from my clients every day. Not just the ones with competitive intentions, but I also learn much from the ones that don’t want to weight 300 pounds any longer.

    They teach me motivation, offer new recipes, bust out into exercises, or variations of exercises that I haven’t seen before.

    It is quite often in my wonderful life, that I feel as though I should be giving them the check….

  2. Great post, D!! My experts are many including the lovely Bobettes, my friends who are competitors, and The Boss! I’m not anyone’s expert but I don’t mind answering questions when I’m asked 🙂


  3. I would not have even got into competing if it wasn’t for my trainer. My husband actually met him, when he was looking for cheap supplements near his workplace. We went and saw him compete, when he was named Mr Sydney, and that was my turning point. I wanted to get on stage along with him and the others. He has been my biggest motivation and I would be lost if I didn’t have him to bounce ideas off!

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