An Official Request For Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

Over the past 3 decades, I have come to appreciate that women’s bodies are not perfect and that you build us to store fat so that we can survive through long winters, drought, and famine. When the epic and horrible things in life happen we withstand and conquer because we are created to do so. We outlive men, take care of children, and seem to keep going like the energizer bunny no matter what life hands us.


I also appreciate that the women on the magazine covers are airbrushed and their abs, tricep definition, and small waists are fabulous, but they aren’t quite THAT fabulous in real life.

Cellulite, dimples, imperfections, and all the things that make them less than perfect are erased with a few clicks of a mouse.

I am relieved to know that most women struggle with body image issues just like me, that no one is perfect, and even fitness models require ‘fixing up‘ to be featured on the cover a magazine.

Here’s my simple request:

Please stop with the crow’s feet and acne at the same time.


There is enough to accept, love, and overcome in the battle of appreciating what we see in the mirror without having to balance puberty and aging at the same time.

I am truly flattered that you think we are all Superwomen and able to keep flying no matter what, but something has got to give!.

Harder than it looks!

Consider this my official vote for ‘skin blemishes‘.


A rather annoyed Superwoman

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  1. Crow’s feet are the mile-markers of life! Acne, the speed bumps. Wink…

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