Resolutions All Over The Place

Many North Americans love New Year’s because, for some reason as a society, we have decided that it is a blank slate. How many of us made New Year’s Resolutions to start dieting, go to the gym, learn a new language, or eat clean?

We are resolved!

That is until tomorrow rolls around and somehow all the things you decided to do didn’t happen over night and suddenly its hard and all the fun and excitement is gone.

Reminds me of the Shel Silverstein poem about spaghetti…

Resolutions, resolutions all over the place...

My resolutions usually ruin the party too. It was fun when the party started, but then I found myself being smothered to death by them.

I stopped ‘resolving’ about 5 years ago.

Goals are the way to go. I have bazillions of goals and work on them every day and I don’t have to wait until a magical time of year to dream big and start living.

Every single day, hour, moment is a blank slate and an opportunity to start fresh.

You can start now, whenever the now is.

Keep going, work hard, and never give up.

Time is on your side!

After all, what is the difference between grape juice and wine other than intention and time?

Use intention and time to create an amazing wine out of your life.

Just do it. Every. Single. Day.

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  1. Love this! I hate hearing about people’s resolutions. If you want something, go after it. Don’t wait until a special day rolls around or you will just be doomed for failure, in my opinion.

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