I Do Not Love Kayaking

Many people start things, stop them, and start them again.

Me included.

Heck, I have a partially knitted sweater still ‘in progress‘ from last Christmas. It has been so left for so long that I am going to have to start over because I have no idea where I am any more.

A pile of wool, some work, and no pattern....pretty much where I am at! Time to start over....or just conveniently 'lose'.

In the very wise words of my mom, ‘The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Or in my case, half knitted projects.

The problem with stopping is when you start again, you don’t always get to pick up where you left off.

One of the activities that I started and stopped in an effort to spend time with my husband doing something he enjoyed is river kayaking. We took a class that started in a swimming pool and eventually made its way to the North Saskatchewan river.

Have I mentioned that I HATE boats?

I am deathly afraid of boats. If you ever hear panicked screaming coming from a canoe on a still lake, I am in the boat. I would prefer to swim across a lake than get in a boat to cross it.

This is what I like to refer to as, 'Meeting Jesus face to face.'

Once I was strapped into that darned kayak, I promptly began to sweat right through my sexy neoprene outfit. Luckily the sweat was quickly washed away by my first ‘how to roll your kayak‘ lesson. Thank goodness someone created an easy to find loop so I could quickly pull the release hatch on the ‘skirt‘ and refrain from dying a very wet and upside down death.

Did you know that unless you have gills you can’t breathe under water?

I swallowed half that pool on the first night of class.

By the fourth class in the pool, the panic attacks in the change room before class were lessening and I stopped drinking most of the pool. Then we had a class on the North Saskatchewan river. I fasted and prayed from some sort of epic illness the night before that class, but I woke up healthy as ever and had no reason not to go.

SO scary. *rolls eyes* I swear it was windy AND rainy. It may look placid, but there is an epic undertow...I promise!

I pretty much sat in the kayak and screamed as the current took me down river.

I learned some important lessons that night.

Lesson #1  If you just sit there and complain, you are at the mercy of the current. For pity sake, put your paddle in the river!

Lesson #2  Paddling up river is hard work. You have to be stronger than the current to make any gains.

Lesson #3  As soon as you stop paddling you start to lose ground. Don’t stop paddling.

Lesson #4  No one appreciates a screamer.

Lesson #5  If boats make you hyperventilate, becoming a whitewater kayaker isn’t the smartest idea. Do something you love.

For three years straight I have trained hard, embraced bodybuilding, and eaten clean 95% of the time.

Its not because I am a superstar, hardcore, or amazing woman. I merely found something that I love to do and fuels my passions and strengths.

Stop starting, just do what you love!

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  1. Ha ha! I can relate! I’m great at starting things. I too wanted to learn to kayak so I took classes last year… it’s a scary thing being upside dow in that water. My beginning knitting class starts in two weeks… at least if I fail at that I won’t drown!

  2. Wool seems to do that to me too! I’ve tried both knitting and crocheting but have started a lot more projects than I’ve finished. Canoeing and kayaking, on the other hand, are activities I love. I’m not into white water though. I much preferring the peace and quiet of calmer waters… including no screaming!

    And Donloree, whether you admit it or not, you are an amazing woman!

  3. I nearly had a panic attack just reading this. Two of my biggest fears in one. Being strapped down and water… ack!

  4. I own more kayaks than I do bikes. It’s who I am. Well, one of the many me’s….

    I can’t imagine not embracing the water — screaming, fear…

    Kayaking isn’t even an activity to me, it’s a form of prayer.

    As far as starting and stopping things goes… Let’s just refer to them as books and leave it there.

    • I have a whole library of starts and stops, don’t you worry. Although I don’t know if we can still be friends if you like kayaking so much. Tell me you once hated it, scared you to death, etc. and that you overcame it and all will be well. I love a fantabulous story of overcoming. 😉

  5. I love kayaking! When I was in high school my best friend and I were sharing a kayak on camp. She was deathly afraid of the water and, being the horrible little girl that I was, thought it would be a good idea to purposefully tip the kayak over! Thankfully she laughed and got over her fear of the water but I can see how it could have gotten ugly 😉

  6. ok,is is sad to say that i laughed through most of this post?? i LOVE how you bring your stories to life with your words!!!!!
    and btw,yes you are a really amazing woman,boat/kayak phobia aside…

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