Enjoy Whatever Surprise Comes Your Way

I have most of my life planned out, am prepared for most situations, and always am looking to what is happening next and where I need to go.

Honestly, it is kind of boring to always know what is next.

This morning I found two surprises in the form of package notices in my mailbox. Surprises help me enjoy the moment and be fully present, whether I like it or not!

I have a love hate relationship with surprises. I love them because they create excitement and expectation and I hate them because I have no idea what is happening.

For an OCD Figure Competitor, not knowing what is happening can be torturous. 

Perhaps this Christmas you will find a few surprises…

The anticipation and wind is killing me!

…and have no idea what in the world they may be.

I still have no idea!!

Only to find that they are a random free shirt from a cereal box contest that you entered…

My husband eats them and I get the shirt. Win-Win!

…and a fabulous pair of sample shoes from your amazing brother who happens to work at a company that rhymes with ‘Mikey‘.

The shoes are apparently not 'public' yet, so I can't show them to you at the moment...but let me tell you they are CUTE!!!

Heck, you never know!

May you fully experience and enjoy the people, adventures, and surprises of Christmas this year.

What surprises are you enjoying this Christmas?


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  1. enjoy your surprises and your Christmas

    sadly no surprises here….nobody to surprise me
    I wrote to Santa, guess he didnt see my blog, or tweets lol

  2. This was the first Christmas I was surprised by something. My Dad gave me something I wasn’t expecting and it was a wonderful gift.

    Merry Christmas Donloree!

  3. For the keen and well trained mind, there should be no surprises; just situations that require quick decisions. (loosely paraphrased) Confucius.

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