Twelfth Week of Fitmas-Twelve Chins Chinning

Christmas is next week which means this is the last week of Fitmas!

Oh how the challenges have killed us *ahem* me.

My least favorite Fitmas challenge was 2 weeks ago….who thought running 10 km was a good idea? How could  I forget that I hate running? Due to a sports related injury involving a frozen pumpkin and playing Kick the Can at midnight, I was unable to try the 10km challenge again. Let’s just say jumping out from underneath a tarp and screaming at the top of your lungs really isn’t a great idea if the person you’re scaring has a pumpkin in their hands and they involuntarily throw it out of fear…living in the sub-arctic makes the everyday things ‘interesting‘.

I am a conqueror.

Once I was able to walk without pain and running was back to its usual level of extreme dislike, I gave it another go.

Proof I can overcome the things I hate.

I was just happy to make it under 60 minutes!

It wasn’t pretty, there was chafing, and it sure as heck wasn’t speedy; but it is done.

Accomplishment feels amazing, especially when you had to fight hard to finish.

Seriously, the only thing that kept me going was the quasi competition that my fellow Team K teammates had going for a 10 km time. When I wanted to give into the burning lungs and make the sweating stop, I pictured my competition breathing down my neck and suddenly I was upping the speed on the Shredmill.

I told myself things like:

  • “Breathing is for wimps!”
  • “Pain means you’re living Hoffman.”
  • “12 seconds is totally do-able, right? Exactly. Ok, I only have to run 12 more seconds 150 more times. Yup. I am doing this.”
  • “These shorts are cute, but not for running. Ouchie!! I wonder if I am bleeding yet. Sweat, blood, and tears baby!”

Apparently I have to beat 46:34 to be competitive.

How about we do chin ups instead? Brilliant idea, if I say so myself.

Twelve Chins A Chinning.

I don’t know about anyone else out there, but there is something about doing a chin up that makes me feel like anything is possible. Before I put on 20 pounds to get my health back, I was able to whip off 8-12 chin ups no problem, now I have problems.

I am officially down to one unassisted chin up.

Thank goodness for the assisted chin up machine at the gym.

Strange looking thing, but it makes chin ups and pull ups possible!

We’ve given it 100% for the last eleven weeks, so it only makes sense to do 100 chin ups this week.

100 Chin Ups

Complete 10 reps of each of the exercise below with 30 seconds between exercise. Then complete 8 reps of each and then 7 reps for a total of 100 chin ups.

  • Narrow grip chin ups
  • Close grip pull ups
  • Wide grip chin ups
  • Underhand pull ups

If you want to make it ridiculous, feel free to do weighted or one armed chin ups.

Oh and if you do one armed chin ups, I want a video. I’m serious!

Or you can do like me and use the assisted chin up machine but lessen the ‘help‘ on each set. I will tack this challenge on to the end of my back day on Thursday.

Its time to grow some wings so we can fly.

Merry Fitmas!

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  1. *Dislike. LOL Pullups are the bane of my existence! I’ll give it a go, though!

  2. Okay, I’m sure I can do this. Does jumping a teeny bit beforehand count? No?

  3. You need to give yourself some serious credit girl.. 10k at 9:16 minute miles is REALLY good!!


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