Eleventh Week of Fitmas – Eleven Deads Lifting

Deadlifting makes me feel like I could heft a car off someone if it ever came to that.

Its Superwoman training at its finest.

The first time I ever did a deadlift in the gym was about 4 years ago. Standing with the cold iron next to my shins and wondering how I was going to get the weight off the floor made the sweat roll before I even started the workout.

During this week’s challenge, don’t take any doubt with you to the gym; suspend disbelief and lift like the Superwoman that you are!

Eleven Deads Lifting.

It only seemed right to share last week’s back workout with you, seeing how it had eleven sets of deadlifts in it (counting the warm up sets).

Foam roll your back and meet me at the power rack!

Sumo Deadlifts

Aim to increase weight with each set. Rest 45 to 60 seconds between sets.

  • 3 warm up sets of 15-20 (add weight progressively)
  • 2 sets of 12
  • 2 sets of 10
  • 2 sets of 8
  • 2 sets of 6

Wide Grip Pulldowns and DB Pullover Superset

Aim to increase weight with each set. Rest 60 seconds between supersets.

Wide Grip Pulldown

  • 2 sets of 15
  • 2 sets of 12

DB Pullover

  • 1 set of 15
  • 1 set of 12
  • 1 set of 10
  • 1 set of 8

If you aren’t completely dead at this point, throw in 10 minutes of HIIT work at the end to completely kill you. Frosting on the proverbial cake.

You can join me in loving and hating Kori Propst when the DOMS sets in from your ankles to your traps the day after. Or you can just follow her on Twitter; either or both works!

In case you are not sure about the Sumo Deadlift form, here is a handy video I found on YouTube.

Ready. Set. LIFT!

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  1. I’m doing one minute rests in between deadlifts at the moment and I find it’s not enough time! Loading the plates on seems like a workout in itself, and I don’t feel like I have adequate time to actually recover. So I’m doing more like 1:30 second rests 🙂

    • Sometimes I do that too. By the time I peel off the plates, add new plates, and walk back around I haven’t always caught my breath. As soon as I am ready to ‘go!’ again, I do. Gotta listen to the bod too. 😀

  2. I loved this post! I have boyshorts that say “I <3 Deadlifts" across the butt 🙂

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