Ziplocs Turn You Into Superwoman

I love Christmas.

Yup, I am the woman that put her Christmas tree up on Remembrance Day weekend.

Every Christmas tree needs a good, old fashioned hug now and again....right?

There is something about plugging the Christmas tree in at 4:30 am and having the colorful glow fill my living room that puts me in a fabulous mood. That and three cups of coffee.

I also love Christmas baking.

Apparently there are people that can ‘just have one‘.  These people most likely can walk on water, fly, and are able to accomplish other superhuman feats.

I am not one of those people.

In my world, ‘just one’ is a tipping point for things like:

  • Just a smidgen more
  • A sliver
  • Teensy bite
  • Taste
  • Baby sized piece
  • Half
  • How about we share that?

There is nothing wrong with any one of those things. It is when you do ALL of those things several times that your pants become tighter than you would like.

With my beloved Christmas come holiday parties and with more fabulous baking than is reasonable.

Holy delicious temptation!

So what’s a girl to do? You’ve gotta live and ‘just one‘ cookie really isn’t going to kill you. 

Ziploc to the rescue!

My fabulous hostess supplied me with a Ziploc to put a few treats in so that I could indulge later when more was not available.

These treats are from the 'peanut butter' family. Did you think I would choose anything else?!

I made my choice on what I was going to eat later and tucked them away safely in my purse. I enjoyed several cups of coffee and fabulous conversation with people I haven’t seen in a very long time without wondering how to have ‘just one’.

Coconut Island, Mocha Java, and French Roast were all drank with much appreciation.

Turns out I had ‘just three‘ on the way home in the car. I scored a peanut butter cookie with a mini peanut butter cup baked right into it.


Planning ahead made this splurge possible and kept me pretty close to my macros today.

Ziploc is the best! Who knew they would turn me into superwoman?!

If I put them on my feet, do you think I can walk on water?

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  1. That’s a great idea! My logic tends to be if I eat it off someone else’s plate, it doesn’t count! Right?

  2. I always like to challenge people by asking the,

    “Does the second cookie taste any better than the first….?”

    Typical answer:

    “Gulp….” Eyes look down….

  3. I love Christmas too! My tree and decorations were up a week before (our) Thanksgiving =) You know, I baked a ton of cookies yesterday and made 5lbs of fudge. I really didn’t eat that much. I was just in the zone of baking. I even threw out cookie dough! Who is this lady? HEHE. Anyway, I’m so proud of you for not induldging and even more proud that you did have a few treats!!

    • Who is this woman? LISA! That’s who. I know it! I feel like I am growing up and becoming a real person that can actually live and not be the fitness freak that never….insert normal every day food situation here….and it feels great. Go us!

  4. I LOVE your tree Donloree! And I love that you’re hugging it! Too cute! Glad you had a good time at the party and glad you got to have your treats too. Those cookies w/ mini Reese’s sound divine. My friend makes the cookies with mini Snickers in the middle. RIDICULOUSLY good! Happy Holidays to you my friend!!!

    • Oh dear, those sound DIVINE! I love chocolate and peanuts. 😀 Thanks for loving my tree. I love it too. I have a ‘stars and angels’ theme and buy a star and angel for it every year. Just found the 2011 stars last night. Happy Christmas to you too!

  5. I made a batch of peanut butter cookies on Sunday night. I had a couple when they came out because they were at lest soft, but they weren’t great because I left them in too long and they were burnt. I was bummed at the time, but thrilled now because I have absolutely NO interest in eating hard, burnt cookies!

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