Women Need To Come With Instruction Manuals

I was born on the first day of Christmas, December 13. My husband appreciates and hates this fact about me.

Appreciates – Only one month a year where ‘big gifts‘ need to be purchased.

Hates – Two ‘big gifts‘ need to be purchased in the same month!

I love gifts.

Every single birthday growing up, I found a small gift on my plate at the breakfast table from my mom.

Something fun and cute to kick off the one day of the year that is all about you!

Eleven years ago it was my first birthday being married and no cute, small present appeared on my breakfast plate. Yes, I am apparently THAT old.

I was crushed and my husband was totally confused.

Apparently men can’t read minds.

I am one of the most complex women on the planet to buy gifts for. I like what I like and I have very particular tastes and preferences.

In my not so humble opinion, there is a night and day difference between even the simplest things.

How about I make it even more complex?

I don’t like the gifts that he used to be able to get me without having to think too hard. Chocolate with a great bottle of wine, an expensive dinner out, surprise lattes, cupcakes, or a movie with popcorn drenched in butter and peanut butter M&M’s no longer fit into the ‘acceptable gift‘ category.

Somehow I don’t think my husband is the only man suffering from the woes of purchasing a gift for a woman who’s hobby in life is fitness.

Women really should come with instruction manuals that get updated on a yearly basis.

Last year for my birthday, I saved him from my high maintenance gift requirements and bought myself the fantabulous Core bag from LiveWell360, which I totally adore.

It has a shoe compartment...need I say more?

Tomorrow is December. It’s two weeks away from my birthday and I feel like saving the love of my life from the stress of trying to figure out what to get me for my birthday and Christmas.

Chapter 2,856 of the Donloree Instruction Manual – Buying Gifts in 2012.

So what fitness item do I need?

There are these crazy glove-esque things called Versa Gripps, and I am wondering if I need a pair for back day. My grip seems to falter way before my back while doing sumo DL’s and I have man callouses on my hands.

I know, SO sexy.

Strangest looking things on the planet....but if they help the man callous situation...well...

Or perhaps there is a cute, yet highly functional weight belt that I need since I don’t have one of those either?

What is your favorite fitness item, bag, accessory, clothing….thing?

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  1. Katie in DC says


    Just so know the 2 days of Christmas are actually between Christmas and Epiphany ( January 6). That said, I hope you get everything you want for both your birthday and Christmas!

  2. Katie in DC says

    I mean: 12 days… Oops!

  3. We really should… our men would have such a better life if we did 😉

  4. My weight lifting belt is highly functional but definitely not cute! It’s a men’s belt made by Grizzly and has the word BARBARIAN in big red letters across the back! Grrr… ! Since our gym is in the privacy of our own basement, I don’t worry too much about how I look. Only my husband sees me.

    I’ve never tried lifting straps but I do wear gloves to prevent callouses and keep my hands more feminine looking. I just replaced my old worn out ones with these http://www.harbingerfitness.com/cgi-bin/6fyd-xxe5x_Z.cgi?138&&sku. I’ve always worn men’s lifting gloves because my hands are bigger than most women’s. I did find women’s gloves that fit this time but they weren’t as well padded as the men’s.

    Oh, and by the way, Santa came early! I did ten push ups this morning!!! So proud!

    • Elaine you are SO HARDCORE, I love it!!! 🙂 Barbarian indeed! This would be why you’re such a push up superstar. Seriously, I have no doubt that you can get up to 13 by Christmas. 😉

  5. Oh I need those too and my birthday is December 31st…although don’t tell but I already bought a helicopter/snowshoe trip for both our birthdays (his is on the 3rd)…Last year I got the Lebert Equalizer, year before I think was the TRX…all gifts that I bought for myself and told him they were from him! I agree,…Much easier that way!! LOVE the blog…and happy birthday in two weeks!!!

    • Perhaps they have a two for one sale for fabulous women who live in the Edmonton area? I think we should call and ask. hah!

      Yes, just getting what you want is way easier! 😀

  6. My husband’s birthday is December 28, so I have it even worse! He is impossible to buy for. I can’t buy him clothes because he’s always gaining or leaning up, so nothing will ever fit properly. He has never worn any kind of jewellery in his life (except his wedding band!) so any watches etc are out of the question. He’s a tennis coach, so that leaves me with getting him new balls….haha But seriously, I have no idea what I’m going to get him.

    I’m easy. Anything from Lululemon and I’ll be super happy!

  7. Hmmmmmmm, not a big fan of belts, gloves, or straps. I think the best gift a man can give his spouse is the time to train. If only I had a spouse. Tears…

  8. Those versa grips look pretty sweet, and well-endorsed on their site. Me wants.

  9. I have so many fab fitness finds that make great gifts! I’v got two for your man:-

    Firstly, there’s Words to Sweat by, at http://www.wordstosweatby.com/, this lovely lady makes the best gym sweat towels, I have the “Healthy. strong.Happy” one, here – http://www.wordstosweatby.com/shop/gym-towel-healthy-strong-happy

    Then there’s BIC bands or Because I Can bands, they are super cool hairbands that actually stay put while you are exercising! I have one of each, the super skinny ones don’t work too well for me (super thick for me) but they are lovely and all proceeds go to a charity, a different one each month – http://www.bicbands.com/

    Great bag by the way!

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