Ninth Week of Fitmas – Nine Planks a Planking

Yarr Matey!

Its the week of ‘planks‘ and for some reason whenever people talk about doing planks, all I can think of is pirates.

Don’t let the muscles fool you, I am a total geek some days.

This week we are ‘walking the plank‘, but at the end of the plank will be some rock hard abs not drowning in a choppy, cold sea.

Something like this, except there will be way less 'Treasure Chest' when I walk the plank...

Just call me Fitmas Pirate-Loree!

Nine Planks a Planking.

Every day for this week of Fitmas, complete six to nine of the plank options listed below in a row with 30 to 45 seconds of rest between exercise.

Bonus – ‘Hardest plank possible

Pick your plank intensity.

  • Bilge Rat – 30 seconds per plank
  • Land Lubber – 45 seconds per plank
  • Damsel in Distress – 60 seconds per plank
  • Cap’n Feathersword – 90 seconds per plank
  • Jack Sparrow – 120 seconds per plank

Perhaps this week’s challenge will make the muffin top go away. Ok, totally not, but a woman can dream…can’t she? Rest assured there will be some beached whale moments at the Hoffman house and laughing will be accompanied with crying out for mercy.

I’m aiming to at least be a Damsel in Distress this week.

How about you?

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  1. I’ve gotta say, when this popped into my inbox I actually made a twisted face-grimace of horror. I am so not a planker but it’s meant to be a challenge! I’m with you in aiming to be a damsel in distress…and trying to last for a minute on each one as well 😉

    Let’s get started!! Arrrrrrggghhhhh!

  2. OMG! My trainer makes me do those hardest planks possible, aaaaaaaaarrrrrrggggg!!

    I’m going to try these out and see if I’m alive at the end of the week.


  3. Oooh! I’m excited to try these! I’m shooting for Jack Sparrow level! This could be interesting …

  4. planks can be soooo hard but wall squats i think were harder so imma kill it….i can do this, i gotta now after what i told my trainer….he he he he……she wont let me fail……….i tried to fail the wall squats she kinda got a lil frustrated,,,,,oops…

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