Take It Or Leave It

Some days I wake up and feel on top of the world.

Go me!

Other days I feel like hiding under the covers until a different day shows up.


If I ran my life purely on how I felt, I wouldn’t get anywhere.

Feelings come and go, but I am here to stay.

Yesterday I woke up listless and vaguely annoyed. I’m a woman. I am totally allowed to have such days or at least have a socially acceptable scapegoat for having such days.

All I wanted to do was crawl back into bed and magically have a maid come clean my house, a personal chef prep my meals, someone else do the daily workout out and graciously donate the calorie deficient and muscle growth to me, and my business grow all by itself.

Standing in front of the coffee pot that was nearly done brewing coffee for my morning wake up, I scrunched my eyes shut, hunched my shoulders, and took a few breaths.

Some days I work from home and others I am out meeting with clients and gone for 10-12 hours.

Getting to the gym, eating 4 ‘Figure Competitor OCD pre-measured‘ meals, and just being woman requires a lot of organization and ‘stuff‘.

Totally ridiculous, yes I know.

The daily trek to my car requires walking down a hallway, an elevator ride or 4 flights of stairs, two doors, another flight of stairs, and a walk through the parkade. Two trips to the car to load up for the day is a last resort.

Most mornings, I have odd conversations in my head.

  • Ziploc baggies or tupperware? 4 meals of tupperware…what bag does THAT fit in? Into the baggies you go chicken!
  • Indoor shoes. Huh! Should I just wear my indoor training shoes with my suit. How do those babies smell? Three pairs of shoes is a bit over the top. Right? Right.
  • Workout bag, purse, food, laptop bag….oh and the reusable bags for the groceries I need to fetch. The Costco sized ones so the purse can go in with the groceries on the four flights back up to the condo becausethe elevator is broken AGAIN.
  • I can probably make do without eating an epic salad today, perhaps just carrots, peppers, and chicken. Heck crackers and cheese will even work! Keep it simple Donloree…

I used to have a huge tote bag, filled to the brim with all of my emotions, helpful or not, and took them everywhere with me.

Something’s gotta give!

Feelings are things and you don’t have to take them with you, but you can if you want to. When they come, get curious about why and what they are and decide if they are worth cramming into your reusable Costco sized bags with your purse and groceries.

Sometimes I want to eat an Epic Salad while out and about, no matter how much tupperware it takes to make it happen. Other days…not so much.

One feeling isn’t better than another, they are things that you can take with you or leave on your kitchen counter. You are ALLOWED to take any and all feelings with you

What do you want?

Cram whatever feelings you want into your cooler, gym bag, briefcase, or purse and get on with what you have planned for your day. Some days I truly want to be sad, so I am sad. Feeling sad doesn’t mean that I don’t keep on with my life. I have big, audacious goals and dreams that will not be stopped by feeling sad or glad.

Show up, put in the work, and bring the feelings you want along for the craziness we call life.

Feeling and emotions add to your life, but they don’t have to drive or define you.

You are amazing, so go be it.

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  1. “Some days I truly want to be sad, so I am sad.”

    Me too! And I’m not sorry about it one bit! Sometimes you’ve just gotta sulk, and I find that the next day I’m usually back to my normal self.

    • Totally. Some days you just have to let the emotions run their course. I try to not be rude, unkind, or take my feelings out on people (especially the hubby who gets most of them) and experience them. I find letting them run their course in the shortest way possible means I don’t have to be affected by them for as long.

  2. We are allowed to be sad…..emotions is my thing!

    I am so glad that I am not the only one with 20 billion bags I have to drag from one place to another…I feel like a bag lady most days.

  3. Aww. Your posts always make me smile 🙂

  4. Another excellent post Donloree and your timing couldn’t be more perfect as far as my day goes! Here it is 6:20am on a Sunday morning, hubby still tucked in bed and I’m up due to some extended family troubles running through my brain. I woke up at 5:30 and laid there until I just couldn’t anymore, got up, started the coffee and dove into my online world. So glad I did because you are right – it’s okay to own our own emotions but they certainly don’t have to dictate or ruin our day. I’ve had a bit of self pity over this long holiday weekend because not only did I really overeat on Thursday (a planned bad eat day considering the holiday) but my hip is bothering me so I’ve gotten no cardio or workouts in and I feel overwhelmed with 1) decorating the house for Christmas; 2) doing my usual weekend cleaning that never ever quite gets completely done: 3) preping food for the week; 4) getting laundry done, work clothes ready, gym bag packed…..etc., etc. etc. AND…..eating clean for the remainder of the weekend which I failed at last night wtih those damn M&M’s! Plus, I truly believe sometimes that reading the posts in Team K on f/b is just flat out depressing. All that dedication and discipline is not only overwhelming, but sometimes nauseating! Then I realize I’m just jealous. Another emotion I need to own and ride through. I realize my response to your blog is probably longer than the blog itself, but consider it a compliment – you struck home with this one & it was much needed – helped me get perspective, to readjust. Now I may not have to carry so much around with me today in my bags! I hesitate to hit the send button as I’m sure my freak flag is flying really high right now, but I think I will anyway. Thanks Donloree – keep the blogs coming!!!

    • There is no freak flag lady! lol! One day at a time. I find that instead of aiming to ‘arrive’ every day, I aim to make it a wee bit better than the day before. Even on a weight loss journey one ounce at a time gets you REALLY far over time. And the smallest changes integrated over time seem to ‘stick’ better if you know what I mean. Go get it lady. Choose one thing this week and just do that; next week add one more. By Christmas that is 4 new habits that you are implementing and can be proud of. 🙂

  5. “Some days I truly want to be sad, so I am sad. Feeling sad doesn’t mean that I don’t keep on with my life.”

    I needed this today, thank you — sincerely.

    Lyrical as always. Nice

  6. You are brilliant.

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