I Refuse To Start Again

This morning I woke up to snow.

It had to come eventually, after all I live in Canada. My poor sled dogs are getting antsy after a long, warm fall and my igloo is nearly in shambles due to the melting from the summer months.

I’m just being silly…I don’t have sled dogs or live in an igloo.

Or do I?

Snow Donloree

Just a small skiff but more, oh so much more, is on its way!!

I live in a condo downtown and am blessed to live a few kilometres from a fabulous YMCA. I spend nearly every morning of the week at the Y putting focussed demands on my muscles so that they will grow and then swearing profusely while rolling them out the next day.

Today was one of those days where horrible thoughts and feeling kept coming my way while training.

I can’t be the only person that has these days.

For my delt/core/cardio training today, I embraced the one active thing I did as a child and jump roped for the cardio intervals.

I am one mean, not so lean, jump roping machine.

It was very Rocky-esque.

If you ever want to test your body fat but don’t want to pay for a fancy test where they dunk you under water while you pray for air just to get a number that will most likely make you upset, complete the Donloree Body Fat Testing Method.

The DBFTM is a simple five step process.

  • Step 1 – Find a jump rope.
  • Step 2 – Dress in a tank top and short shorts.
  • Step 3 – Position yourself in front of a full length mirror.
  • Step 4 – Jump rope in a Rocky-esque manner for 45 seconds straight.
  • Step 5 – Take note of all the flopping and jiggling that happens.

After the 45 seconds are complete, make a mental note of how ‘wavy‘ you are and test again in a few weeks.

Today my personal assessment was of a tsunami magnitude. 

japanese tsunami sign

I think this should go on a shirt....

This coupled with the .25 lb weight loss per week over the last 8 weeks despite a very focussed eating plan made me want to throw the jump rope down, stomp away like a three year old, and just give up.

I refuse to start again.

If I am never going to start again, that means that I am never, ever going to give up. 

Champions are built one day, one moment, and one choice at a time. I am a choosing to be a champion. No matter what, I will keep going.

I will not quit. Not ever.

Although I am totally implementing a ‘no mirrors policy‘ on delt/core/cardio day.

Will you start again?

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  1. I can safely suggest that a majority of gym goers are exercising, at least in part, due to a poor self image. Hmmmm, a room full of wounded minds, touting an inferior self-image, and lots of mirrors to remind them of why. Sounds like a formula for an emotional collapse. Either that, or a reason not to return to the gym.

    For many years I had no mirrors in my gym. Today I do — at the request of several clients. When I stand before them in my own workouts — I close my eyes and invision what I WANT to see…

    • Safely suggest? I would say you could bet your house on it. Mirrors are helpful when you are trying to learn from on something, but after your body has it there is really no point. Luckily there really are very few mirrors at the YMCA, which I rather appreciate.

  2. HA..i’m going to have to try that test…i’m sure i wont be happy with what i see

  3. You ARE a champion. And every day you that you keep working on your journey to your goals is another reminder that you’re a champion. Because overcoming difficulties and obstacles are what make you a champion, stronger every single day. Hang in there and remember that sometimes progress is simply not going backwards.

  4. Every day you seem to make progress with your attitude, and at the end of the day that’s the most important thing because it will bring you closer to your physical goals. Embrace your jiggly bits and think of the rocking body you’ll have in the longer term 😉

  5. Okay, this is one of my favs Donloree!!

    You really made me smile – with the references to the jiggling and bouncing while jump roping – I can SO relate! Then your words hit me like a — well, let me steal from you, and say — tsunami! The part about not starting over because you’re never giving up? Yep, this is the part that took the smile right off my face and gave me a bit of reality – more like a wave of reality. Okay, I’ll leave the creative writing to you. But seriously, the part about not starting over – kinda gave me a jolt. When I tell myself “I’ll start over tomorrow,” I’ve just given myself permission to have a blow-out on my clean eating & that just won’t do anymore because I know I’m not actually giving up. I’ll never just give up – I’ve worked way too hard in the gym and downstairs on my cardio equipment at 4:30am M-F to think I’ll just throw it all away for a lifetime of bad eating and no exercise. I just need to re-think, to readjust!

    Maybe the timing is just right, the stars and planets are all aligned for me or something, or maybe it’s the fact that I’m helping expedite a NANBF show next Saturday and it’s now too late to look fabulous, but my sloppiness with my food plans when it’s convenient for me (always seems to be on the weekend when I don’t have as much structure) seriously need to be over!

    I’m with you Donloree – I’m not starting over because I’m NEVER giving up!!!

    Thanks again for the inspiration & for reading my early Sunday a.m. rambling! As always, I look forward to the next blog!


    • YES! No giving up.

      It may be too late to ‘look’ fabulous, but it is definitely not too late to be fabulous which, in my estimation, is the best choice if you have to choose. Go get it lady!!

  6. I would like to hope that I never have to start over! However, I would also like to think if I gained my weight back I could get it off again and learn from my mistakes.

  7. Okay so, wanna know why I loathe jump roping? Have kids. Period. You have no control of your bladder. NOT fun. However, we do jumprope for a minute straight in boxing class. In front of mirrors. So not pretty. there’s so much jiggling around! But oh well. I’m me, I try my best. I indulge in naughty things, and I work my butt off at the gym. I’m learning to embrace the jiggly and accept myself for me. Finally. After 35 years. Sheesh! =)

    • I am all over the Kegel bandwagon on that front…heck as if I want EPIC problems with that later on in life. Eek! And you’re doing well for ONLY taking 35 years, seriously. 😀

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