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When the realization that I was required to wear an itsy bitsy, teeny, weeny bikini on stage to compete dawned on me, I may or may not have required the assistance of a paper bag to get my breathing back on track.

Once I was able to breathe in a quasi-normal way when I thought about it, I started Googling.

Where else does a woman begin?

I wish there had been a list of bedazzled bikini suit makers that other women had purchased from for me to contact. Instead I found horribly designed websites with pictures of muscled women in bikinis that cost more than I ever imagined for a few small pieces of bedazzled fabric.

sayleya bikini

I may require this suit in a raspberry color for my next competition....

I never found a list of suit designers, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have one! I asked the amazing BoBettes and my fellow Team K competitors for recommendations – no longer do you have to be tortured by Google.

Wah-Lah! A List of Fabulous Bikini Designers.

Tips for purchasing a Bikini.

  1. Set a budget, bling adds up!
    Shopping for a bikini is a little bit like shopping for a car. You know you need a car, but you don’t know what all your options are until you start looking. Before you know it, heated leather seats and  remote starters are must haves and you are spending more than you wanted to.
  2. Start shopping early.
    Most designers don’t have ‘off the shelf‘ suits ready to be mailed out. It takes time to make the itsy bitsy thing and the more stones, bling, and what not the more time it will take.
  3. Look around and ask questions.
    Take time to look at designs in your price range and email the designers. They will get back to you with advice, timelines, and what will work best for you. If they don’t, move one to a designer that will work with you to create a bikini that will work specifically for your body and budget.
  4. Have fun and no panicking!
    Sure you are going to stand on a stage in a very small suit, but your mind and body will be ready by the time competition day rolls around. Have fun shopping and get a suit that showcases your hard work and personality. Just be you in a bikini and enjoy it.

Happy bikini shopping!

What other designers have you worked with and love?

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  1. Where are your October progress pics? I’m following you :O)

  2. This is prolly one of the most helpful blog posts ever. Thanks!!

  3. Awesome!!! Thanks! I have eight months until my first competition and I still have a lot of fat to lose, so I wonder how I’ll order ahead if I don’t really know what my measurements will be by then… Maybe I’ll just have to wait a few more months and see. Thanks again!

    • I would start shopping at three to four months out by sending emails and contacting designers that you like and are in your price range; they will be able to advise you on timeframes from there. 8 months is exciting!!! Have you picked a show yet?

      • Yes, the NPC Mile High (Denver) Natural Championships in June. Thank you, I’m very excited! Also wanted to tell you that I have learned SO MUCH from your blog!!

        • So exciting!!! Yayayay!! I am happy to help any way that I can. There is no reason people should suffer the way I did during my first prep by doing everything wrong and learning the HARD way. 😀 Let me know how I can help!

  4. Genius list!!! Where were you when i needed this? LMAO..jk. I had the same “Omg i have to wear that!!!???” moment you did..and i totally found the SAME suit in your pic and had the same “where are all these suits from ” moments..HA HA HA. so funny

  5. I just found you and am so grateful to see this post!
    I am just beginning my journey, but the tiny bikini scares the bjeezus out of me!
    I am so enjoying reading.


    • Lol! Yup, it totally scared the crap out of me too. Oh man….when it came in the mail….I nearly died! Happy to help any way I can, no one should have to fight the misinformation alone. 😀

  6. This is so helpful!

    I loved Crystallini. Ellen was so quick t respond to all of my emails. She customizes everything for you. She gets all of your stats and guesstimates what your stats will be day of show. if you think you need an adjustment you can send the suit back to her and she’ll take care of it.

    And she is not at all expensive and I was super blinged out!

  7. One designer that I’ve come to live for teeny swimsuits has to be They have some cute ones

  8. Dawn Christensen says

    Ellen at Crystallinibi Bikini is making my suit. She is FABULOUS!!! She’s a competitor herself so she GETS IT!! Plus she doesn’t hit you for every little thing! Some of these suit makers are like attorneys, I think if I email them it’s a ten dollar surcharge! Highly recommend Ellen at Crystallini!!

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