Being Healthy May Lead To Strokes

Being healthy will reduce heart concerns, decrease the probability of strokes, and lengthen your life; just as long as you don’t ever ask to see the nutritional information at Red Robin’s.

On Sunday afternoon I went out for lunch with my husband’s family. My mother in law was in town to help my sister in law shop for a wedding dress and we were spending the day together.

I was exhausted from running around like an idiot backstage at the INBF Alberta Cup the day before. Spending 14 hours running up and down a flight of stairs herding oompah loompah people around, gluing suits, talking on a Brittany Spears-esque headset and giving pep talks tires a girl out!


The Figure girls go on AFTER the Mens Heavy weight!

I love helping out at INBF shows, anything for the fabulous athletes. Heck, one man was shivering backstage standing on the cold cement with only 5 percent body fat and a shiny, yet TINY, suit to keep him warm.

Of course I loaned him my shoes.

Bodybuilder legs

I think he could have fit them and rocked them for the rest of the night!

I was way too tired to play hostess after such an epic day.

So we went out for lunch to the mecca of endless refills of deep fried simple carbs covered in sugar and salt.

Red Robin’s.

I don’t usually ask for the nutritional guide when I go out for lunch with people, rather I ‘make it work’. Rarely is it a problem. My hubby and I arrive before everyone else, so I indulged in being high maintenance and asked for any nutritional information that they had.

My heart started to be faster, I saw black spots, and I started to have trouble breathing. My arteries started to clog up just reading what  made up some of the food.

A salad with 90 grams of fat = stroke.

red robin's menu


I would normally just eat chicken and lettuce, but after reading what their standards were I got nervous. Every thing seemed to start at 300 calories; salad dressings included.

After everyone else put in their order, I got the only think I knew was safe.

Black coffee.

black coffee

Freaked the waitress out when I ordered black coffee and nothing else.

I cracked open the emergency fund, aka my purse, to see what was hiding in there that I could eat. My OCD tendencies comes in handy sometimes; this being one of those times.

Chicken, apples, and grapes.

Donloree's purse

Refrigeration is for the weak!

I suppose I could have just gone for it and ate whatever I felt like. I haven’t tried shock therapy on my metabolism in a really long time, the resulting 6 hour food coma could be fun!

Are you shocked by the nutritional information when you eat out?

Is it any wonder we are fat?

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  1. In Australia it’s a little bit different in that nutritional information isn’t readily available in restaurants, excluding fast food chains like McDonalds. So we really have no idea what the nutritional information is, which is why I tend to avoid eating out. BUT it should be said that in general the way we prepare our foods is a lot healthier. I’ve been to the States and they basically butcher salads, so I’m not surprised that they have 90 grams of fat in! I would estimate that a chicken caesar salad here generally wouldn’t have more than 300 calories, which is good for that kind of salad.

    How long do you keep chicken in your purse? My husband is a tennis coach and keeps all his meals in his bag, unrefrigerated, all day long. I always tell him he’s going to get sick! I won’t keep my chicken out of the fridge for more than 2 hours.

    • Your husband could throw his lunch into a waterproof lunch sack, and then throw a mini ice pak into it. That’s what I do. Haven’t gotten sick!

    • I have been known to keep chicken in my purse for up to 12 hours and still eat it. Meh! I don’t see a problem with it seeing how it came from the fridge and its usually pretty cool wherever I go. Now that its Winter here, I have to worry about things freezing if I leave them out too long. I actually can’t leave food in the car as it will freeze SOLID rather quickly. The woes of livingi n the subarctic I suppose. 😀

      • Wow, okay, I guess it’s a little bit different here. It’s 30 degrees today, and gets up to about 45 in the summer. The coldest it ever gets in winter is 18ish. So the chicken just sits there cooking…

        • It gets hot here in the summer for a couple months, but 35 is usually the hottest it will get. The -40 is when things get freakish…lettuce freezes in mere seconds at that temp. I carry a freezer bag to the grocery store in the winter just to keep my veggies safe on the car ride home.

  2. I would like to respond to this blog from a different point of view and offer one reason why I don’t think it’s valuable to focus on the calorie content of all food, specifically outside of direct training for competition. (And no, it’s not for the purpose of avoiding a stroke!!!) As someone who struggled with an eating disorder for years (compulsive/over-exercising, restricting and purging), I can still remember the mindset I had as a dietician talked about how much lard was in salad dressing. After that, salad dressing became “evil”… as did pretty much any food, for that matter… and that mindset fed into an eating disorder that I didn’t even realize that I had until a few months later. In fact, D.L., I think that you may have known about my problem even before I did! It took many years to get the eating disorder under control.

    Ironically, after my recovery I participated in a weight oriented sport where I had to “cut weight” similar to figure competitors, and weigh-in the day before my event. While I did have a few E.D. relapses during this time, one thing that helped me to stay on track was not to focus on calories, but to focus on healthy eating with the occasional unhealthy food. I had to re-adjust my thinking from “evil foods” to eating “unhealthy” foods in moderation as a treat.

    I recognize that not everyone has struggled with a full-blown eating disorder like I have, yet in a culture of “disordered eating” I wonder if we need to shift our focus from talk of being “fat,” and instead focus on being healthy??? One of my friends is a professional athlete (training for the 2012 Olympics). She sits above her 72 Kg weight class and sometimes even struggles to make weight at 72 Kg! If you would look at her, you wouldn’t see the same muscle definition of some of her fellow teammates despite the fact that she works out twice a day, eats healthy, and perhaps trains even harder than her counterparts (oh… and did I mention that she’s also SUPER strong!) She’s one of the top athletes in the nation, could run circles around most of us (at least take down pretty much anyone who’s reading this), yet her body doesn’t lean out like others on the same training/eating regiment. The point I’m making is that I think that it should be more about health than looks, because looks are deceiving as in the case of my incredibly athletic friend.

    I wonder what would happen if we took “FAT” out of our dialogue and acknowledged the exisence of obesity… and what can be done to counter it: Eating whole grains, fruits and veggies, and low-fat protien daily and exercising while eating the other “unhealthy” foods in moderation.

    Some days think that I’m “fat”, despite the fact that my friends assure me that I’m not. I can run 10 Km without much difficulty, climb to the top of the mountain and lift heavy weights, yet somewhere along the way I bought into the idea that I’m “fat” because I don’t have the picture-perfect body of some front cover model. This is my battle. But I hope that by engaging in this kind of dialogue, perhaps there will be a paradigm shift so that others don’t have to fight the same battle.

    One of these days I’m going to go back to Red Robins and order that MOUNTAIN HIGH MUD PIE… because it’s fantastic! And sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a treat.

    But that’s just my two-cents worth.

    • I love your two cents friend! And yes, I agree that HOW YOU LOOK is not important. Some of the ‘prettiest’ and ‘most beautiful’ people in the world are the most unhealthy people in the world. I love the journey I have been on to learn about food, health, mindset, and what makes true beauty. I think we suffer from being fat in how we think way more than being fat in our bodies. I have appreciated getting to work with my coach over the last year and a bit; no food is off limits. I can technically eat whatever I want. If I want to eat all my calories in MOUNTAIN HIGH MUD PIE I totally can, and HECK, I just may one of these days. There is no evil food, rather some food that works better for me. I have been known to eat reese’s peanut butter cups in my day or have a piece of cake. Unfortunately my body stores fuel very effectively and does not burn it quickly, so I eat less than most people. I also think that food needs to become less of a focus and being with people, enjoying life, and eating to live not living to eat needs to become our focus.

      i love your perspective and think we are on the same page….and what a fabulous page it is! Thanks for opening the dialogue Monique….I have a blog post brewing about this now. 😀

  3. I am surprised when I do my research at different places I have eaten out at. What makes it worse is when I do my research and a place is horrible but other “health” bloggers talk about how great and healthy a place is….scary! People should do research and not take a random persons advise on something. You never know if there is a hidden agenda.

  4. Two weeks ago, J & I ate at Chili’s and were floored by the calorie content in everything on the menu. We almost got up and left! I couldn’t find ANYTHING on the menu less than 600 calories. It’s no wonder Americans are fat! Just one meal at a restaurant contains 1500 cal, which is about the daily maintenance for most women. I ended up taking half of my meal home with me, and J ate it later.

  5. The Kid and I eat at Red Robin quite a bit but there’s a trick to it. I order the grilled chicken breast off the kid’s menu and get two sides of steamed broccoli. What I found eating out is that the adult “grilled” chicken has all kinds of stuff in it and on it for flavor. Things including butter so it’s not the healthiest. On the kid’s menu, the chicken breast is usually plain because kid’s like bland stuff (or so they say). Many restaurants now offer healthier sides but one small serving of broccoli isn’t enough for me so I get two or sometimes three if they are small.

    I’ve also been known to totally de-construct a salad and get a bowl of lettuce with everything on the side so I can create my own. Believe it or not, most restarants wil happily let you order off the kid’s menu if you ask nicely and order the healthy stuff instead of the junk. I guess they take pity on us. 😉

    • I love eating out, which normally means death to my diet. However, I do things like:

      1) ask for certain fixings to be left out (gravy, butter, rice) or ask for things on the side (dressing)
      2) ask if the restaurant provides ‘half orders’. It’s not always stated on the menu.
      3) ask if I can order from the kids’ menu. (I’m only 5′ tall, after all!)

    • I love the idea of the kids menu! Never crossed my mind before. Love it. And the salad with everything on the side, another genius idea. Thanks!

  6. Aloha Bikini or Bust =) I came across your cute, fun blog through a group member of Fitness Blog World.. I am not sure if you are a member as well? I didn’t see the post we all just participated in on our own blogs.. So I wasn’t sure if you were apart of the group. Anyway just popped in through femfit and I am checking out the other members posts we did on Friday evening.

    Just giving u some props on a great blog site & I will click on the icon to follow you =) Look forward to reading some more of your fitness lifestyle Donloree =)


    • Hello fellow Fitness blog World Blogger. I am indeed part of the group, but life has been ridiculously busy and I have missed the last two FBW posts. EEK. I am officially a bad FBW blogger these days. I will be back on with the next posts. 🙂 Nice to meet you! 🙂

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