Chicken or the Egg?

I eat more chicken in a month than you would think possible.

Thank goodness I actually like chicken, or at least it goes in and with a lot of things; namely vegetables. Seeing how I am in confession mode, I might as well also admit I am a vegetablaholic.

Vegetablaholic (veh-edge-it-uh-bowl-haul-ick) – A person who eat vegetables at all hours of the day. This person has been known to even have broccoli for breakfast. Vegetables are an intrinsic part of their day and rarely can they be found without the smell or peppers or asparagus on their breath. A telltale sign of a vegetablaholic is a person who is lean but is quite bloated after meals.

Somewhere along the way I really took to heart my mom’s admonition to ‘eat your vegetables’ and decided to make up for the years and years of consuming Doritos, chocolate bars, and homemade cookies.

Previously, I could have been considered a ‘recovering vegetablaholic’.

In order to maintain my ‘recovering vegetaboaholic’ state, I constantly baked to have a supply of non-vegetable choices to chow down on whenever the desire to eat came over me. Baking is an art form, not a science. I never understood why the recipe said it would make 6 dozen cookies and I only got 4 dozen out of the same recipe. I followed the recipe to the exact granule of both brown and white sugar and was diligent to complete copious amounts of ‘quality control testing’ throughout the different stages of creating the dough. Also while the first few batches baked I continued to test the integrity of the dough remained high one spoonful at a time in order to ensure a highly fattening, yet completely delicious final product resulted.

cookie dough - chocolate chip

Someone PUH-LEASE explain why this is so tasty?

Despite the fact that I have been known to eat 3 peppers, 1 cups of beans, 2 cups of mushrooms, a few handfuls of carrots, and an apple sized tomato within an 18 hour time period, I am still most likely running at a vegetable deficit. Unfortunately, a quarter lifetime of crappy eating takes more than a few years to overcome.

Some days I lie to myself by making statements like, “Oh I love vegetables. They taste SO good.” Sure, if they are slathered in butter. Butter is the boob job of food. It can make even the droopiest broccoli suddenly seem enticing.

Oh right…I gave up butter too.

Some days I feel like I am going to die a thousand deaths at the hands of a salad. Then I realize it is just the vegetable bloat talking.

There really is too much of a good thing.

I am one of those people, whatever you call it: a bodybuilder, figure athlete, fitness competitor, body shaper, competitor, or crazy lady.

This is why I get up at 4:30 am, eat more vegetables and chicken than most people think is advisable, go to the gym while on vacation, and rarely eat from a menu when I go out for lunch.

More often than not, the response I get from people after I share a little bit about my life is ‘You are SO disciplined. How do you do it?

How do I not do it?

It comes down to the age-old question, ‘What came first the chicken or the egg?

Pure confusion at its finest.

Was I disciplined and learned how to get fit, or was I fit and learned discipline?

Today you are finally going to know the answer to the circuitous question. No longer does it have to annoy you. I am a woman for the people and I hate ridiculous questions.

The farmer.

Turns out its a trick question.

Call me crazy, but I truly believe a person of vision came along and saw either a chicken or an egg and nurtured it so that it could reproduce into more and more eggs and chickens. So whatever she saw was what was first, and that detail is completely irrelevant.

There are things in your life that require no more thought; just action.

Do you find yourself mulling over the origins of dreams and visions in your life, wondering why you have them?

If you want to spend your life eating chicken, you have to stop wondering how it came to be and grab whatever is in front of you and start nurturing it; whether its a chicken or an egg. Before long you will have more success, growth, and results than you know what to do with.

Leave the muddled and confused musings to the people without a vision. You have a big life to live and the world is waiting for more ‘vegetabaholics’ to show up.

Chicken or the egg?

Farmer. Always the farmer.

**Day one of NaNoWriMo – word count 785**

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  1. What a wonderful post! I’ve been indulging in your clever antics for a while now and really appreciate your transparency and honesty. I’m very inspired by what you said here.
    “If you want to spend your life eating chicken, you have to stop wondering how it came to be and grab whatever is in front of you and start nurturing it; whether its a chicken or an egg. Before long you will have more success, growth, and results than you know what to do with.”
    That’s awesome!!! Really makes me ready to let go of the stupid stuff and just take what I have and make it even better!! Yeah girl! 🙂
    –Carlene Hetland

  2. I totally agree, chicken is the way to get and stay fit. Great taste in many ways and you never get tired of it. First was the chicken, then it learned how to lay eggs… 😉

  3. Now I have a cookie dough craving…

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