When I decided to compete, it went something like this:

Crazy Donloree I love lifting weights! I love being spontaneous! I want to take over the world. I am gonna compete in a bodybuilding competition. YEEESSSSSS!!! Woot! Watch out world, here comes the woman named Donloree!!
Sensible Donloree*AHEM* Pardon me? How exactly is this going to happen? You don’t know the first thing about bodybuilding! What are all the possible outcomes? What does this cost? How can a chubster like us do such a thing? This cannot be done.
Crazy Donloree– Oh whatever. Tons of people do it. How hard can it be? Lift heavy things, eat a bunch of chicken and rice, and wear a cute bikini. Seriously, it seems to be a three step process.
Sensible Donloree – Three step process, eh? Huh! Seems WAY more complex than that. Who is going to train you? What does dieting look like? How do you pick a show? When are you going to find time to train with your crazy job? If it was so easy, don’t you think more people would do it?
Crazy Donloree – Most people are just boring, that’s all. I am not boring! I am different! I am Donloreeeeee!
Sensible Donloree – Fine. Whatever. But don’t come running to me when your muffin top wants to go on stage too.
Crazy Donloree – DEAL! I will be muffin top free. Oh man, I am so excited! I am a bodybuilder!

Off I went with abandon.

Moment of pure honesty. The three step process turned out to be a 3 bazillion step process, nonetheless, I loved every single step.

I have learned that ‘just doing it‘ is my best method of completion. Had I sat down and made a list of how to’s, how not to’s, coaches to research, diet plans, what to purchase, and then drafted a critical path to completion I would have just used up a lot of ink and paper and never stepped on stage.

Instead, I started a blog.

Truly, competing was something that I had wanted to do for YEARS, but I kept avoiding. Finally, I threw open the door of possibility and took the plunge into the inky darkness.

Do it afraid.

I am officially scared out of my mind again. I signed up for NaNoWriMo and am employing the ‘Three Step Process‘ once again, but this time to write a book.

The month of November is the official National Novel Writing Month and I am flinging open the door of possibility and starting on page one of ‘Woman Cannot Live on Chicken Alone‘ at 4:45 am on November 1, 2011.

The rules are pretty simple.

  1. Write 50,000 words of original content from November 1 to  November 30
  2. Pick any genre
  3. Don’t stroke out

Three easy things!

If I can lift heavy things, eat loads of chicken and rice, and wear a cute bikini, I can and will do this.

The first time I stepped on a stage was just that; the first time. Draft one, if you will.

For the month of November I am going to worry about 3 things and draft one of my book will result. Thirty essays in thirty day is my strategy, there is no way this can fail, or so says Crazy Donloree.

On December 1 I can worry about the other 2.999748377 bazillion things in my ‘Three Step Process‘.

The only hiccup is the ‘original content‘ part. I can’t take old blog posts and repurpose them…so I’m looking for 30 essay topics!

What do you want to know? 

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  1. My boyfriend did it last year and now has a published novel available on Amazon. NaNoWriMo is a pretty awesome community. I know you can do it and will do it well too! You can befriend my boyfriend if you need people to help encourage you. He will be writing a sequel to his novel this year. Enjoy becoming fabulous at one more thing! You are already so inspiring and the world will be impacted by your book, I am sure of it!

  2. I’m sure you can do it – remember, it’s one word at a time! In terms of topics, I can think off the top of my head:
    – What it’s really like backstage at a fitness competition
    – What difference it’s made to wider subjects such as your self-esteem, your trust in yourself and others, and what this growth experience was like for you (maybe several essays)
    – What you’ve had to give up – and why they are worth less than what you have know
    – Strategies for keeping on going
    – Coping with change – and being prepared

    I’m sure I’ll think of some more but I hope that helps!

    Look forward to reading the finished product!!!

  3. Here are a few:

    1- In the world of coaching, who is your mentor and what made you decide to go into life coaching?
    2- What motivates you everyday? What is it that gives you this positive energy?
    3- How important and in what ways should we follow our dreams? If we lack money and resources to do what we really want to do, how can we still do it?


  4. I commend you at starting a creative process with yourself. Another thing I found in common with you. Awesome! I am a creative individual myself, though I mostly draw and use the computer to attempt at some art, however, in the midst of life, I feel I’ve “lost myself” and, therefore, lost the ability to do art. This month has been a little about that and now I want to set aside an hour at the least each day to do something. Perhaps I will join you and make something every day in November. :o)

  5. I love Crazy Donloree!

    The question I’ve been wrestling with lately & considering blogging about is ‘What influences your sense of self-worth & why?’ Maybe this is something you can address as well.

  6. Ooh, this is perfect for you! Maybe I will have to join you, though I have NO idea what I would write about but I love writing and it would be a fun challenge. My sister-in-law did this last year and the year before. She loved it even though she felt a little pressured at times to finish it on time. Still she loved it! Can’t wait to hear how your challenge goes!

    And I LOVE Crazy Donloree!

  7. The diet specifics. The what you eat when you eat and why you eat when you eat. How do you stay so hardcore?

  8. How about some of the unspoken stuff:

    1. Where did my period go?
    2. How to get rid of butt pimples?
    3. Ahem – loss of sex drive?
    4. How does your partner cope with the beautiful insanity that is your / our routine?

    Just some thoughts!

  9. Have you heard about eating for your blood type? Maybe another area to research for the book? Good luck!

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