How To Tell You’re A Fitness Nerd

If you get up at 3 am to attend a fitness conference, drive three hours one way, eat vegetables and cold chicken out of ziploc baggies, spend the day in 5 workshops that are about things like foam rolling, how to complete pulling exercises effectively, and core strength, and drive back home only powered by black coffee and good conversation….

…you may be a fitness nerd.

But if you purchase the samples from the show and come home with a matching ‘his and her’s‘ set of BOSU ballast balls, there is no question.

You’re a fitness nerd.

ballast balls


The thing I HATE most about stability balls is how they run away from you when you get off of them. At the YMCA when I use them in the mornings I usually end up chasing it halfway across the gym and grabbing it right before it rolls over someone doing pushups or crunches.

Look! It has sand in it.

Best idea ever.

It seems counterintuitive, but the sand keeps it from running away from you but doesn’t keep it in place while you train with it.

And what girl doesn’t love discounted samples?!

The DVD that came with it looks amazing and if it helps me become even HALF as strong in my core as the woman named Mindy that ran the workshops I will be a happy woman.

Are you a fitness nerd too?

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  1. Am I a fitness nerd? Ask my my dogs, Bench and Squat….

  2. The thing that I learned from Junior High kids: these are also extremely entertaining to play catch with.

  3. I love these, I need to get one!

  4. fitness nerd? yeah, my fridge is stocked full of pre-portioned meals and in between coats of paint on my current projects, i can be found doing lateral raises, tricep dips and *shudder* pushups.

  5. They do have quite the mind of their own and I like you end up chasing them around or trying to find the best spot to place them so they don’t LMAO! My ball has a leak in it so I am constantly having to put air in it. But I love stability balls =)

    • I feel like the stability ball tamer most morning at the gym. I have been sitting on it at home instead of a chair for an hour or so. I have no idea how people do it all day long!!

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