Do False Eyelashes Help Your Delts Grow?

Confession time.

I wear makeup to the gym sometimes.

Clarification time.

The makeup is leftover from the previous day when I crumpled into bed in a completely depleted state and due to my exhaustion washing my face was completely forgotten.

Enter 4:30 am.

When I wake up my only concern is how long it will take to get coffee into my favorite mug. Brushing my teeth is multitasked with getting dressed and gathering the necessary items for my day. Rarely do I actually look at myself before I leave the house.

While on autopilot, I forget that I have mascara smudged all over the place and look like a crazed Halloween party escapee.

So yes, I do in fact find myself training some mornings with make up.

It is more frightening than anything else.

This morning while staking my claim on the power rack to kill my sumo dead lifts I noticed some things, actually some people, that were very out of place.

Three fit and beautiful women that were very tan, very scantily clad, and very done up were training along side my usual crew of men and 2 other women. The perfect hair, impeccable makeup, false eyelashes, short shorts, bra tops, and dangerously low v-necks made my sleep crusted eyes blink at a rate faster than my three cups of coffee were used to powering.

false eyelashes

Beautiful but with all the sweating what if they fall off and someone thinks it is a monster sized arachnid?

Apparently I missed the memo about Fitness Photo Shoot Friday.

Women are ridiculous.

Seriously, there is a very fine line to balance being a woman at the gym. On leg day I wear shorts because I want to see what muscles are engaging and how they are reacting the form I am using. If I am training back or arms I find it helpful to have them out so I can train them better. Are they reacting equally? Why is my left lat out and my right one suddenly MIA? Why is my right tricep bright red and my left one not working as hard?

So I totally understand and totally don’t…

Can someone explain it to me?

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  1. I always dress according to what body part I’m working. I think it makes you work harder when you see what you need to improve! I always have left over make up on when I work out in the morning, but there are heaps of women at my gym who “work out” with make up on. Argh.

  2. I have two types of female clients at my studio; those who make themselves up to workout, and those who don’t. Guess which ones train harder, want it more, and leave feeling more accomplished…? Exactly!

    As for a male perspective on this, I most often train my most important client (myself) in big baggy clothes with nothing showing. I find that this enables me to focus on the singular repetition — without distraction. I would rather focus on feeling the rep, than seeing the rep.

  3. I have never ever thought to dress according to what I’ll be working on! Wow – thanks ladies.
    As to the Gym Barbie Phenomenon….I’m seeing it at my gym too, more and more, usually among the cardio bunnies. Me…I show up at the gym in the same makeup that I went to work in, and within 15 minutes it’s all over my sweat towel and puddling under my eyes.

    • Yup, there is NOTHING cute about me in the gym. At this point while I work on correcting my form for the biggest growth possible I find it helpful to see what is going on with the muscles while I train so I can burn the right feeling and movement into my brain. I am relearning so much!

  4. When I was a youngin’, I would do foolish things like wear eyeliner and gloss to the gym. Now, it’s barefaced — I don’t want stuff getting into my pores while I sweat! I’m a member of 3 gyms, and one of them is known as a meat market. The women in there are *ridiculous* — makeup, light reps so they don’t sweat, blabbing on their cell while using the machines. I feel guilty for being so critical, but it’s obvious they’re not in there to push themselves.

  5. When I was younger,, I’ll admit I did wear a bit of eyeliner and shiny gloss or lipstick. Now, no way! I consider my gym visits as WORK. I’m serious about putting in effort, so either no makeup or makeup comes off. I will curl my lashes, but I won’t apply colour to my face.

  6. My fellow gym goers would feel lucky if I had even brushed my hair before I came in!

  7. I don’t see a darn thing wrong with wanting to look nice at the gym. For a lot of us we workout to look good, and if some concealer and mascara enhances our beauty, then I say go for it. Personally I’m not gonna head to the gym in sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt. I will wear my cute, nice fitting Lulu clothes to the gym and I will wear a little make up and I will work my ass off.

    But you won’t see me with eyeshadow, heels, my extensions and club clothes at the gym… unless I’m practicing for the stage 😉

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