Power Rack Bouncer – New Job at the Gym

Every leg day it is a battle to commandeer the one and only power rack at the YMCA.

Do not ask me why they have 42 swiss balls, 8 bosu balls, 5 bench presses, and an over abundance of random machined weights that contorts people into weird positions while training. Obviously I missed the call to sit on the ‘Opinions for the YMCA’s Weight Area‘ task force if such a thing ever existed.

Having only one power rack makes me crazy.

On leg day when I am hogging it for a good 30-45 minutes I get more questions from the men than any woman should have to endure while training legs.

  • How many more sets you got?
  • Can I work in? I am doing barbell rows.
  • Did you just start?
  • Are you using this?
  • How much longer?
  • I am training legs too…do you mind if I pop in?

I usually get asked these questions when I am on rep 23 of a 30 rep set and have sweat pouring down my back and off my elbows.

Does working in, training with you, or me stopping in 2 seconds seem feasible?

And yes, I AM using this….

Sometimes I like to shut my eyes when I train. It helps me focus on what my body is doing and how my mind and body are working together. Feeling what my body is doing seems to correct way more form issues than seeing what it is doing.

Today I had high rep sets of barbell squats and a lot of them. Needless to say I was more than pleased to see an empty power rack waiting for me.

Halfway through my squats while I had my eyes closed I felt a presence. I cracked one eye open to see a man hulking over me with his arms crossed. I scowled, snapped my eye shut, kept squatting, and prayed that he would go away.

When I replaced the bar and was trying to catch my breath, he demanded to know how much longer I was going to be using the power rack.

I kindly told him two more sets.

Suddenly I had my very own power rack bouncer to ward off other people wanting to use the power rack while I finished my squats. He literally stood 2 feet away from me with his arms crossed, chest puffed out, and eyebrows lowered.

Apparently he was worried another man might steal the power rack from him or something.

Due to his huffing and impatient toe tapping, I found it hard to give my final squats the attention they deserved.

Did you know that power rack bouncers clear you bar for you without you even asking?

There’s always a bright side!


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  1. Why do guys think the squat rack and leg press are exclusively their domain? I used to train at bodybuilding gyms and the Neanderthals were three deep around every piece of equipment I wanted.

    Now I go to a “normal” gym, and most of the guys are hogging the Smith machine. They’re welcome to it!

  2. Haha. My gym only has one power rack too – seriously, the stupidest thing ever!! I hate when people stand there waiting for you to finish. It always makes me rush and screws up my workout 🙁 If people interrupt me mid-set, I just ignore them until I’m done!

    • Seriously, who are these people? If someone is using something I need I modify my sets, work around them, or do whatever I need to do. I am NOT going to tap them on the shoulder, ask them silly questions, and then huff and puff. The only question I ask the boys is, “Do you know if someone is using this?’ when the something is not being used but has plates galore on it.

  3. Omg DL, honestly, I have been so…testosterone-y (??) lately that I would probably go super bananas (ie. postal) if someone did that to me at the gym. I had one guy stand over me while I was doing chest presses and ask how long I was going to be using the weights for. I slowly stood up (and topped him by a good 5 inches) and told him to wait his turn or go to the women’s only room LOL . Good for you for being more civil than I.

    • LOVE this! Go Suz!!! Luckily the boys in the morning, for the most part, have gotten used to me and stay out of my way. They have stopped giving me advice and trying to ‘help’. I always find it funny when I am lifting more than them, it makes me laugh on the inside. Probably laugh too much. 😀

  4. Oh Donloree, you again speak from my heart…although my gym has two power racks, it doesn’t keep people of wanting to use simultaneously the same one I’m using…I’m also so focused during training and listening to my ipod at the same time…meaning if somebody talks to me I have to stop my reps and the ipod, to hear what they are saying..annoying!!! It’s becomes everytime a complete break! Am I a hater or what :)?
    Anyway..that’s why it is much more convenient for me to train late…late means 1 hour before the gym is closing…there is literally nobody but me in the whole big gym ..the only problem then again is the gym stuff…it’s then them who have the arms crossed and unpatiently waiting for me to finish my workout so they can go home :)…

    • Hah! I am so focussed that I am somewhere very far away most times while training. People are always trying to talk to me and I avoid eye contact whenever possible. I don’t mean to be rude, but I sure don’t want to chat either!!! 😀
      Nor are you a hater! hah! The people that come to chit chat instead of train are SO annoying!

  5. I get very annoyed by the guys in the gym who do barbell curls at the power rack when I need to be training my clients to do front squats.

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