Second Week Of Fitmas – Two Tabatas

I am a bit of a lone wolf that likes to ‘learn by doing’. This is fine when I decide to do things like create a custom tile backsplash for my kitchen or install a toilet because in my world asking Google isn’t the same as asking for help. There aren’t too many opinions or methods for plumbing and masonry work, whereas with health, training, and nutrition there are more methods, opinions, and schools of thought than shoes in my closet!

Thats A LOT of opinions!

After floundering for quite a long time and allowing myself to be tossed around from strange methodology to strange methodology, I started working with Joe and his amazing team at the Diet Doc and Perfect Peaking. They are experts in the world of weight loss and bodybuilding; as well as making you so sore you can barely walk the next day.

For Fitmas, I thought I would give all of you a little taste of the insanity.

Meet Kori, the woman whom you can love and hate for this week’s Fitmas challenge.

Kori is the Wellness Director of the Diet Doc and a WNBF Pro in bodybuilding, figure, and fit body. She created the Mental Edge program for Team Klemczewski and works with competitors and anyone desiring to live their lives more fully and presently to do just that. She also knows how to create an epic arse kicking.  You  contact her at, read her blog, and follow her onTwitter.

Kori Propst

She gives EVERYONE a run for their money in the gym. Hah!

Two Tabatas!

What in the world is a ‘tabata‘ anyways?

Epic sprints that leave your fat cells sprinting long after your body has stopped. Also a way to see Jesus face to face while at the local YMCA.’

~Donloree Hoffman

I am being a little dramatic, but these sessions are intense! Make sure to push yourself, but not past what you should. As always, take time to listen and discern between the ‘I don’t want to do this‘ and the ‘I shouldn’t do this‘.

You can read more about tabata training here.

Pick one of the three tabata workouts design by Kori and do them after training or instead of your cardio workout. 

If you’re brave you will try all 3 in the week!

I will be doing 5 days of weight training this week and adding the tabatas after training, as well as doing them instead of normal ‘steady state’ cardio.

Tabata #1

This workout can be done on any cardio machine.

Work periods gets progressively longer, pushing you further into oxygen debt. Pick a speed or level that is a ‘sprint‘ for you.

Warm up for 5 minutes.

‘Reps’       Work         Rest

4              :10              :05

4              :20              :10

4              :30              :15

4              :40              :20

4             :50               :25

4             :60               :30

Cool down for 5 minutes.

Tabata #2

This is a progressive hill / speed interval workout made for the treadmill, but you can modify it for the bike or elliptical.

Warm up well before you start.

Level        Speed        ‘Reps’        Work        Rest

0              6.0-7.0              1               2:00            :30

5               6.0 -7.0           1               1:30             :30

5               7.5                   1                1:00            :30

5               8.0                  4                 :45              :20

1              8.5 -10.0          4                 :30              :15

0             10.0-12.0           4                 :15              :05

0             6.0-7.0               1              2:00            Done!

Cool down for 5 minutes.

Tabata #3

Pick your favorite mode of cardio for this one. Shredmill anyone?

Warm up with 10 minutes of easy cardio.

Work          Hill          Speed         Rest

2:00              0               6.0             :30

1:30               2               6.5             :30

1:00              4               7.0              :30

:45                 6              7.5              :15

:45                 8              8.0              :15

:45                 10           8.0              :15

:30                 10           6.0               :30

:30                 10           5.5               :30

:30                 6             6.0               :30

2:00              0              6:0              :30

Cool down for 5 to 10 minutes.

I want to hear all about it! Don’t forget to tweet, blog, or post on facebook about all the ridiculous. I want to hear all about it.

Oh and send all hate mail directly to Joe at the Diet Doc, it’s his fault I know Kori.

Two tabatas indeed!

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  1. can u send these to my email….so i can print them off the site prints like 10 pages thanksssssssssss

  2. just did tabata #1. whewwwww buddy! that was hard … but still kinda fun. (perhaps i’m just a glutton for punishment. or at least the shredmill.)

    hope everyone else is rocking week 2!

  3. Tabata #1 on the stepper machine completed yesterday night…loved it…the sweat dropped down from shoulders???…that was a first one..;)

    Tabata # 2 is on tonight…can’t wait!

  4. i have a question. *raises hand* lol

    what is the difference between these tabata routines and the HIIT in week one? is there a difference at all? just wondering. (it certainly doesn’t make any of the workouts less awesome!)

    • You betcha. The first week the sprinting portion was shorter than the rest and it was active – for instance running and then walking. This week we took it up a bunch of levels and you give it 100% for a short burst and then rest completely except the rest is half of the work time. Very similar in a lot of ways but not in a lot of ways as well.

      Next week the challenge does not involve running. 😀

  5. Tabata #2 Complete. Hated it. Loved it 🙂

  6. Tabatas complete. Fitness 1, Legs 0.



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