No Seasons, Just Life

Three years ago when I first started weight training and working towards a competition, I got the same question all the time.

“When are you going on season?”


Wasn’t I ‘on season‘ already? I was training like a mad woman, tracking measurements, weighing in, and sticking to a strict diet.

Apparently that was all ‘off season‘.

After navigating the black hole of misinformation that I was sucked into on an almost nightly basis via Google, I came to realize that ‘on season‘ is synonymous with ‘contest prep‘.

Contest prep – Usually 12 to 16 weeks prior to a contest when a competitor restricts their diet and often increases training to lose fat prior to stepping on a bodybuilding stage. 

There are many weird perceptions out there about bodybuilding. One of my favorites is that while ‘off season‘ you can eat whatever you want and then when you set a contest date and kick it into high gear the fat magically melts off by eating only oatmeal and tilapia.

Oatmeal Tilapia

A competitor would TOTALLY eat this! Oatmeal crusted tilapia, hah! sounds kinda good. 😀

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While the fat may melt away with epic amounts of cardio and a severe lack of calories, I would argue that there are much healthier ways to go about bodybuilding.

I’ve been ‘off season‘ for almost a whole year now and I am constantly badgered about why I eat and train like I do.

I am ‘on season‘ for life.

Training, eating clean, and pushing myself to do what I previously thought was impossible in and outside of the gym creates a better me day by day.

In my opinion bodybuilding should be part of who you are, not all of who you are.

We all fall into this trap, including me.

We are more than what we accomplish. What’s most important is who you are becoming while you do the accomplishing because anything, including your health, can be taken away from you at a moment’s notice.

In the words of my very wise mom, “Wherever you go, there you are.”

Why do you train?

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  1. It’s the journey instead of the destination……I love that I hit the destination and I am back on the journey again : o )

  2. I eat clean and train hard all the time, and often have people say to me “Oh, you can eat this cake, pizza, etc because you’re not on your silly diet yet’. Of course, my diet will get a lot stricter when I’m pre-competiton, but I like to think that I’m pretty disciplined year-round.

  3. I train and eat clean because I am tired of being fat! And like Donloree, I want to be a “fat girl turned figure competitor”! I haven’t experienced contest prep yet…but it’s just around the corner.

  4. GREAT post DL!!! It’s SO true! Although you did make me think about still having to come up with an edible tilapia recipe…. LOL! 😉 (Someone said try sprinkling with unsweetened coconut? I’ll keep you posted!!)

  5. Ughhh tilapia. That’s the ONLY way you can tell I’m “on season.” I love clean eating and I love training. I don’t so much love tilapia & asparagus at 7am.

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