70 Pounds of Possibility

Most mornings around 5:30 am I can be found tweeting about what I am going to train while I eat my kasha and drink a few cups of coffee.

More coffee than kasha, just in case you were wondering.

This morning I was more than pleased to see that it was back day; otherwise known as ‘grow Donloree wings so she can fly‘ day.

I told you...LOTS of coffee!

After my 10 minutes of light jogging, I hit the power rack and set a personal best in the sumo dead lift. What woman doesn’t love yanking heavy things off the ground with ease? 

Then the workout took it to the next level with supersets of bent over barbell rows and yo-yo sets of close grip lat pull downs.

I grabbed the 40 pound barbell off the barbell rack for the first set of rows.

It was SO heavy!

Apparently hitting a personal best in the sumo dead lifts really took me out.

weight room

I call this the barbell Christmas tree. If gives you the gift of DOMS. Hah!

Never being one to back down from a challenge, I gave myself a pep talk.

“Donloree! You can do this. No. You WILL do this. 40 pounds is nothing. Nothing! Do you hear me? You do this weight all the time like nobody’s business. Put on your big girl pants and show this barbell who’s in charge. And who is in charge? Right. YOU are.”

I put my heart into it and I rowed and superset the lat pull downs like a champ. On the third set the reps on the rows decreased so I opted to grab the 50 pound bar.

It felt incredibly light in my hands.

Turns out someone (I am guessing a boy) put the 60 pound barbell in the 40 pound slot.

Its amazing what happens when you decide to do something. 

What would happen if we replaced try with do and could with will when we talked to ourselves?

Something like rowing 70lbs becomes more than possible, it becomes finished.

What ‘impossible’ thing do you need to change your mind about?

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  1. HA..that happened to me one day. I was setting up the T-Bar to do some rows..and i thought i put 2-25lb plates on it…couldn’t figure out why it was so heavy. then after several sets of rows..i attempted to put another 25lb plate on it..only to find that i had been doing 2-35lb plates the entire time. I felt like a champ 🙂 🙂

  2. Haha I’ve heard lots of stories like this. Sadly, it’s never happened to me but I can’t wait for the day it does! When I train with my husband he always grabs me a ridiculously heavy weight and I say “I can’t, I can’t” but I always do in the end 🙂 Most of the battle is mental!!

  3. Candice Ryan says

    “What would happen if we replaced try with do and could with will when we talked to ourselves?”

    We Will acheve anything we want. Best quote ever.

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