I May Be A Food Hypocrite…

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving which still weirds me out.

I grew up in America where Thanksgiving starts on Thursday and kicks off the Christmas season.

Black Friday anyone?

This eating turkey and then shopping for a Halloween costume makes me feel off kilter; more so than usual.

It’s been 13 years, you really think I would get over it.

Some things are just part of who you are and apparently American Thanksgiving is one of those things for me.

To celebrate this fabulous holiday, despite the wonky timing, my sister is coming to visit and bringing her adorable family. I was torn today while grocery shopping for them. Do I just buy enough chicken and vegetables for 6 people or buy things I don’t eat and pretend Denmark wouldn’t ding me with a Fat Tax for buying it?

I realized not everyone enjoys chicken and vegetables as much as I do.

junk food

To each his own, right? I am not FORCE feeding them the chips....there are veggies galore to indulge in too. Right? RIGHT.

My nieces adore chocolate milk and I want them to adore me too.

Is it bad to buy love with chocolate milk?

Am I a food hypocrite?

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  1. I think it’s great that you are buying foods you know that the kids and your family members will enjoy. It’s being a good host!!

  2. Hmmm… My family usually have a feast on Boxing Day (although this year will be different). We tend to make traditional party food because that’s what’s expected. However, as my confidence in the kitchen has grown I have put together some healthy versions for the meal, that over time I have tweaked so they contain less fat, less sugar, etc. Hopefully the family shouldn’t notice at all! If they do, and I’ve had this happen once, they were quite impressed that I could make flapjacks/ sausage rolls etc slightly less bad for people.

    Slightly unrelated, I’ve also had an incident where we procured energy drinks for my 21 year old brother but my cousin gave it to her son thinking it was just a soft drink! So then we had a super-excited caffeinated 6 year old running round the party. We managed to tire him out – eventually 😉

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