Outcry for Mercy!

Why do kids play that crazy game where you twist the other person’s hands until one of you screams out in pain for it to stop?

And they play more than once!

I know because I used to play all the time as a kid. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you think you will win and that winning is worth the risk of having one of your hands nearly snapped off.

Well for the last two years I keep playing with nut butters and the nut butter ALWAYS wins.

I have yet to hear a jar of nut butter cry out for mercy. I only hear it screaming ‘You must eat me NOW. You NEED me!!

No more losing for me. I refuse to be a loser any longer!

This week my diet has shifted in huge ways in an effort to try to get my body to burn off some of my muffin top. What we have been doing to date has not been working.

I have no room in my macros and no mental fortitude for nut butters any longer.


It was the last temptation in my house. Today I wanted to eat something off plan and my two choices were salsa or jam. Somehow eating salsa straight of the jar with a spoon isn’t nearly as great as peanut butter on a spoon.

This is not something you will not see in the Hoffman house for a long time.

The last supper or something!

Honestly, there is no need to have something around that just keeps tripping me up.

Mercy indeed.

How do you deal with food temptations?


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  1. So many people are addicted to nut butter! I don’t get it myself. My husband can stand there eating it out of the jar but I can just take my teaspoon and leave it. Maybe it’s a Northern American thing? As an Australian, I grew up with Vegemite, not peanut butter!

    The good news is I’m still allowed to have peanut butter in my current cutting diet, three times a day. It’s about the only flavour I get so I’m beginning to like it more and more!

    The food that tempts me most is funnily enough wholegrain pasta and brown rice. I will actually eat pasta uncooked if it’s in the house!

  2. That’s why I make sure to EAT all the non-diet food in the house before my diet begins. Problem solved! LOL

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