Seven Days Until Fitmas!

In the world of competing, ‘Seven Days!” denotes peak week, meaning you are seven days out from stepping on the stage. Tanning, gluing, resting, watching sodium, fine tuning, and not panicking are all on the agenda for the week.

Well this time ‘Seven Days!‘ is all about Fitmas.

The only thing that still applies is the no panicking.

So what in the world is Fitmas?

  • 12 weeks of crazy fitness challenges designed to push you out of your comfort zone and increase your fitness levels.
  • Community of people from Turkey to New Zealand via Canada getting fit.
  • FUN. ‘nuf said.
  • Accountability for staying on track for your weight loss and fitness goals.
  • Fun ‘extra’ workouts, like the dessert of fitness…seeing how you probably aren’t eating cake anymore. Right?

You can read all about Fitmas here.

Fitmas is not:

  • Diet advice or diet plans.
  • A comprehensive workout plan for the whole week.
  • Personalized training plan.
  • Impossible. It can and, in my humble opinion, should be done.

I am ready to kick it up to the next level, are you?

To get the most out of Fitmas I am setting goals, tracking, taking pictures and stats, and creating a community of Fitmas-minded people.


Crazy goals

  • Have 50 countries participate in Fitmas
  • Report a loss of 1,000 pounds from the Fitmas participants
  • Meet tons of amazing people from all over the place
  • Watch hundreds of people do the ‘impossible

Personal Goals

  • Lose 10 pounds
  • Complete 12 chin ups in a row
  • Not die
  • Encourage people to step out of their fitness comfort zones
  • Meet as many ‘Fitmasites‘ as possible


I track like a mad woman every single day, so this one is easy for me. I have daily food log, binder where I keep all my completed workouts, a food journal and a weekly summary that gets sent to my coach. But you don’t have to be OCD like me. I suggest keeping a journal to track what you eat, make note of your workouts (duration, feelings, type), and jot down anything else that comes up for you in regards to training and eating.

I will be keeping a Fitmas Journal too.

Moelskins are the best!!

Which one is more Christmassy? Olive or lime?

Pictures and Stats

Due to the metabolic fiasco of this past year, I am fluffy. Meh, we are on a path to health not Ms. Universe, well not YET anyways.

Caution: Muffin top and cellulite ahead!

Here is the ‘I am turning into a pasty goodyear blimp‘ picture that I sent my coach over the weekend.

muffin top

Ummm...THIS is not the look I am going for!

Oddly enough I have rather lean legs compared to my muffin top.

I would be ok if the fat was a little more evenly distributed....

Math was not my strongest subject in school. Perhaps this is proportion karma biting me in the arse from all the years of not doing my math assignments.

Weight – 157.2

Bust – 38″

Muffin Top – 35.5″

Hips – 39.5″

I cannot believe I just put up my weight, measurements, AND a picture of my casper white muffin top for the whole world to see.

Here’s the thing.

We all need a starting point and this is mine. If I can put up these pictures and stats, you can take your picture and measurements and have them to show your amazing progress by the time Christmas rolls around.


I want you to hang out with me all Fitmas long! Tweet pictures with the hashtag #Fitmas, post pictures, videos, and near death experiences on the Bikini or Bust facebook page, write blog posts, make YouTube videos, or email me.

I want to hear, see, and experience it all with you.

I also think some Fitmas feats should be happening together in Edmonton throughout the coming weeks. Want to experience crossfit with me, run a race with me, or other random craziness? It will be fun, I promise! Stay tuned for more details on that as the weeks go by.

Last I counted we were up to 37 people and 5 countries. Can we make it 100 people and 50 countries?

Let the countdown begin!

Fitmas. Need I say more?

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  1. Whoa girl, how tall are you? Our measurements and body types are pretty and close. I’m 5’9″ and I seem to carry most my weight in my muffin top as well. I can have gorgeous quad sweeps while still having belly jiggle, its so annoying!!

    Can’t wait for next MONDAY!!!!!

  2. I’m a short muffin-top woman. 🙂

  3. psstt….I am in!

  4. I am excited to be a part of this. Also, you are amazing for posting pics, measurements and weight. I will be posting mine soon… Thanks for all your inspiration.

  5. I love the fitmas idea!!!! how many participants do you have so far?

  6. This is a great idea.
    I may participate if I grow the balls to post a “before” picture on my blog.
    And isn’t weight distribution a mofo? I wish it all went to my boobs, however I joke that I’m built like a hobbit…short with thick legs.

  7. all we go..starting measurements and pics will follow…one thing ..I don’t have facebook nor blog :(…so I email you then?? Watch out cause I am also a keeping track of every single lift or food 🙂 …
    sooo exited..

  8. I’ll be following but probably not participating fully. I suspect that some of your fitness challenges will be a bit too much for me, or more likely way too much for me! After all, I’m still working on learning to do a push up!

  9. I’m so excited! I don’t know whether to shoot for 10 or 20 lbs, but I’ll probably stick to 10 as a short term goal for now and see how long it takes me to reach it! So psyched!

  10. My boyfriend and I are challenging each other to lose 30 pounds each by Christmas. Week one, I already have lost 7 pounds! Going to be checking in on your blog for regular inspiration. You are always so real and inspiring! Thank you for being so amazing and sharing who you are with the world!

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