Less Today For More Tomorrow

These past few year of training, dieting, and competing have taught me more about life than bodybuilding. I have learned how to not die while doing Tabata sprints, eat to fuel my body, and create structures in my life to ensure success, but I have learned way more about who I am and where I am going than how to lift weights.

Goals and Vision.

There are more goals than time in my day.

  • Write a best selling book
  • Earn a pro card
  • Host a HUGE fitness and wellness summit
  • Empower 10,000 women to find and live out their potential
  • Travel the world speaking to fabulous people
  • Visit every continent in the world
  • Meet every BoBette in person
  • Have a ‘Donloree’ column in a kick arse magazine
  • Be a regular on a radio show…perhaps have my OWN show…YES!

Just to name a few of the dreams that are bubbling near the surface this week.

My vision is who I am rather than what I will do. My goals are a direct result of who I am becoming.

I am the sherpa that leads people to untold heights.

Who doesn’t love a sherpa?

Having a vision makes sacrifice purposeful. Knowing what I am about makes choosing to give up, forego, or have less today pleasurable. The pain of sacrifice is not painful when there is a reason for it, a life giving reason.

The result must have greater value than the current pain or sacrifice to obtain the vision.

In the past I had a ridiculous amount of goals, but I had no idea why I had them. Looking back at them through the lens of experience, I had them because they sounded good. Turns out I hated them. At the first sign of hardship I was quick to abandon ship, after all I didn’t want to be doing them in the first place.

Its just too hard.

Exactly. It is just too hard to do things you weren’t created to do. I was meant to lift heavy things in life, both in life and in the gym, and write. My goals and sacrifices reflect that.

Instead of changing what you’re doing, change who you’re becoming.

Greatness is only an option in a world where mediocrity is also possible. Oddly enough, both require sacrifice. One sacrifices immediate pleasure and the other living to your full potential.

What are you sacrificing?


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  1. My relationship with bodybuilding is nearly 35 years old. Like all relationships, it’s had it’s ups, downs, and is not what it was when it began. As bodybuilding grew in one direction, I grew in another. By mid-life, I wanted divorce from this stranger I no longer knew. Before the divorce though, we went through several trial separations, and threw them I came to realized that bodybuilding is my soul-mate. Everything I am, and everything I have become on the inside, is a direct result of the discipline learned through the venture, the art, the sport, and the concept, of shaping me on the outside.

  2. I’m probably sacrificing my sanity with the amount of things I’m trying to do…but sanity is a bit overrated anyway 🙂

  3. I am sacrificing…. carbohydrates! For the next 8 weeks I’m doing zero carb weekends. Oh joy.

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