Where Did All The Boobs Go?

I am about to debunk a myth for several men out there. If you can’t handle the truth or want to remain oblivious, stop reading now.

Prepare yourselves…

Boobs are mostly fat.

Competitors focus on lifting heavy and hard in the gym to build muscle. The closer you come to your competition date, your focus shifts to burning fat, or ‘stored fuel‘, and keeping as much muscle as possible.

If I knew how to eliminate fat off only one part of my body I would be ridiculously rich and living in Bora Bora complete with a live in competition prep cook named Jacques that prepared all my meals and a shoe collection that would turn Imelda Marcos green with envy.

I live in Edmonton; just in case you were confused.

The MTTC (Muffin Top To Chest) Ratio has been a long standing battle in my life. 1:1 is not pretty.

Needless to say as I lean down, so do my boobs.

I am not the only competitor who has this problem. May of us joke around about it back stage while glueing bikini tops to our non-esixtent chests.

By far, my favorite description in regards to her nonexistent boobs was, ‘You mean these old socks with a bit of sand in them?’ I sputtered all over the place, luckily nowhere near her tan.

Many women competitors have implants…as do many women who don’t compete.

I may not have implants, but I do:

  • dye my hair
  • shave my legs and armpits
  • wear makeup
  • pluck my eyebrows
  • have been known to get gel nails
  • use random creams that are supposed to make crows feet go away

So what’s the difference?

My enhancements are 100% socially acceptable because most women in the world do these things.

Implants, dying your hair, plastic surgery, botox, waxing, wearing makeup, and all the other things women do are just that; things women do. They don’t change who you are and they don’t make you happy, at least not in the longterm.

Stop judging and start loving.

If I can’t appreciate me for me and love who I am, implants are not going to help my cause.

Whether you’re a pair of old socks with a bit of sand or perky double d’s, just love and live out who you are. Dance to the beat of your own drum with or without implants.

The ‘breast‘ will follow.


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  1. That comment about the old socks & sand made me bust out laughing!!!!!! Hilarious!!!

    And yes, just because I bought my boobs does not give you the right to judge me….I don’t judge you when you’re eating that huge slice of cake while complaining that your clothes don’t fit!! #yepijustsaidthat


    • I KNOW! Isn’t that funniest thing you have ever heard? I nearly ruined her tan when she told me that. Hah! Exactly. No judging. Buy boobs, don’t buy boobs, just love yourself! Honestly T if I could buy biceps like your’s I think I would be first in line. 😀

  2. Fantastic post!! My husband is often musing about my boobs or lack there off since I started training for my competition.

  3. I love this post…I’m that girl that went from a 32D to a 34AA (yes that’s right AA, its a real size at Vickies and I’m not proud of it. So I will be buying boobs. Judge me if you will be I figure that I have worked really hard for them.

  4. I wrote a post about this a couple of weeks ago. I’m slightly panicked about losing my boobs! Without wanting to sound too creepy, what are yours like in the off-season? Do they grow back?

    • As I gain fat they fill out a again, but my goal is to maintain 10-15 pounds above my stage weight as where I live so I kinda doubt they will grow back again once I get everything in balance. Unfortunately they come back with the muffin top! 😉

  5. Awesome post, Donloree!

  6. Love this. I have to say that I lost mine after nursing my kids… lost them completely to the point of looking like a 10 year old. I got implants for my own self esteem issues and the fact that a 10 year old with two kids just didn’t look right 😉 I think competitors are beautiful with or without boobs. We work SO DAMN hard!

  7. I went bra shopping yesterday because after 6 months of weight training my boobs are finally going down. I know this is a bad thing for most people and it does make me a little sad. Seriously though, being a 30G was doing bad things to my back and posture. I consider myself lucky to be a 30 F and also the leanest I’ve ever been in my life. It’s down to good genes I think. Lots of top heavy ladies in my family. Plus, if I really miss them, all I need to do is eat cake for a week and they’ll come back. 🙂

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