The 12 Weeks of Fitmas

Christmas is 14 weeks and a few days away.

I know, where in the heck did summer go? I hate to admit it, but sooner than later the snow will be falling, down-filled coats and toques will get hauled out of the closet, and my car will need to be plugged in.

Last year I asked Santa to bring me an ab for Christmas. Apparently his reindeer forgot their GPS or he overdosed on cookies at the house before mine because he did not come through. Let’s be honest though, how could an obese man who insists on wearing a belt around the widest part of his body appreciate the value of abs? Exactly.

I am taking matters into my own hands.

The 12 Weeks of Fitmas.

Fitmas (feh-it-mah-us) 12 weeks of EPIC challenges designed to push you past your limits, help burn off excess fuel, and keep you on track leading up to Christmas. 

Its cold where I live, so putting on a couple of pounds in the winter seems somewhat sensible. I know this won’t come as a shock, but I am rarely sensible. This winter I am going to put off a couple pounds and want you to join me in the madness.

October 3 is the first day of ‘Fitmas’.

Each Monday from October 3 to December 19 a new challenge will be posted for you to complete. They will not be for the faint of heart. If you want to be part of a group of fabulous people from all over the world that are chasing down health and challenging themselves, then the 12 Weeks of Fitmas is calling your name!

How to participate.

  • Email me at dl at to let me know you’re in.
  • Check this blog every Monday starting October 3 for the weekly challenge.
  • Bloggers should write a blog post about how you conquered the weekly challenge. Pictures of the near death experience would be extra awesome, a vlog would be amazing.
  • Follow me on Twitter and tweet with the hashtag #fitmas and brag about your amazingness to the world. Once again, pictures are always a ton of fun.
  • Take your beginning stats: weight, measurements, and a picture; you are about to change!

Don’t forget to have your friends to do it with you so you can impress them with your amazingness.

On the first week of Fitmas, Bikini or Bust gave to me…

  • A shredmill* for HIIT
  • Two tabatas
  • Three kettle bells
  • Four crossfits
  • Five by five’s
  • Six pushups pushing
  • Seven yogis yoga-ing
  • Eight squats squatting
  • Nine planks a planking
  • Ten kilometers running
  • Eleven deads lifting
  • Twelve chins a chinning

Each week I will be creating some crazy workout and challenge in the areas listed above.

I think we may require Fitmas t-shirts…

Slogan anyone?

*Thanks to Bree for renaming it ‘Shredmill’ in my world. Love it!!

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  1. Tiffany Miller says

    I’m so in! This is exactly what I need! This is why I love you DL, you are brilliant.

  2. a little scared… but bring it on! lol

  3. I sent you an email! I’m excited already!

  4. I really want an ab for Christmas this year!
    I feel like I should start training in preparation! Right, I’m off to buy a chin-up bar for my flat.

  5. My comment didn’t post. Stupid Crackberry. I’m so in!!!

  6. Donloree – another brainchild! I think I am too old to be in your “fitmas” challenge, but I am going to stick with my T-PAWT plan. Then I can sing, I’m a skinny T-PAWT, tall and lean. You are an amazing woman!

  7. I’m so excited for this!! I still laugh about you asking for an ab for Christmas. =)

  8. I love the name Fitmas! I’m not sure how long this foot surgery will have me out. I hope not to long. I want abs!!!

  9. im in!!!!

  10. Ok i think I”m in as well…anyone from Turkey yet :)…

  11. Count me in!

  12. What a crazy idea. I’m in.

  13. I want in but I am rehabbing knee and not sure what I will be able to do. 🙁

  14. Hey, I’m in. It’s #fitmas for me!

  15. Love this!!! I am so in 🙂

  16. I am in… this is exactly what I need and I can already feel the blood, sweat and tears… and so super excited about it…and maybe a little scared as well but bring it on… I am ready.

  17. day one, done! PHEW. what a great workout! made my time on the shredmill fly by 🙂


  19. i would LOVE to participate..but unfortunately for me..these are the 15 weeks that i will be bulking..yes..bulking. No weight loss for me..the idea is to put ON mass, but then again Fitmas could be cool to control the fat building..lmao

  20. Love this!! Can’t wait for Fitmas!


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