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I’m 5’8″ and am normally found wearing a pair of fabulous heels that bring me in around the 6 foot mark. Add in my off season weight and I tend to feel a bit like a cross between Snow White and the Jolly Green Giant around most women.

From my perspective, anyone under 5’6″ is ‘tiny‘.

Champion – An individual who not defined by the circumstances of their life and chooses their path. Champions do not allow what is to create what will be. It is a state of being as well as a result; it becomes who you are.

I am privileged to be surrounded by champions, most of them coming in the form of tiny, fiery women that will not accept less than excellence in their lives. They see the exponential power of daily choices, voice what they want and chase it down, and live with the end in mind.

Power of today.

If Colleen’s life were a movie, the tagline would be something like, ‘I lived today, did you?’

She has a story of huge weight loss and even bigger success in life. How did she do it? Small choices, little goals to help her reach her larger goals, and choosing to give her day everything. There is so much momentum in her life its hard to see her as she soars through life.

Colleen The Fit BeeColleen is living proof that choosing your attitude, setting audacious goals, and choosing health every day creates an amazing woman inside and out.

Never, EVER say never.

Grit and determination has brought her this far and heart and discipline will be key as she trains for her first marathon.

Say what you want out loud.

It takes guts to admit what you want to yourself. It takes moxie to tell the world, especially before it even seems possible.

Alli turned a deaf ear to all the doubts she had, what the ‘rules‘ say about being a mom, and not having a perfect body.

The she went out and got it.

The road was not smooth and there has been resistance and bumpy spots, but she kept forging ahead even when it meant postponing her show date.

Her life speaks that she wants to be more than a competitor; she wants to be the best woman, wife, mom, and competitor possible.


Tomorrow Alli steps on the stage for the first time at the INBF Vancouver Cup.

She’s already won.

Live with the end in mind.

I met Cheryl in October of 2011 while eating a rice cake and having a stranger glue my bikini bottoms firmly to my arse. What a way to kick off a friendship.

We both won that day.

I won my self confidence and Cheryl won her Pro Card.

In 8 days Cheryl is going to be competing in Pro Universe and then again in November at Worlds. From the moment she stepped off the stage in October, she knew where she was going and without missing a beat she started to chase down her audacious goals. She is coming to these shows in amazing condition and I can’t wait to see what the results are.

Knowing where your next ‘end’ is creates drive, discipline, and determination.

Defy your circumstance and do not allow what is to create what will be.

Are you on the path of a becoming a champion?

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  1. I am such a fan of your blog and when I saw us on here I was star struck hehe

    YOU are awesome and so motivating every single day and I appreciate it more than you will know.

    Thank you.


  2. What an awesome post! Both these women are incredible 🙂 I am going to be in NYC next weekend and just HAPPEN to be going to pro universe, I guess I’ll see Cheryl compete!

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