Turns Out I Am A Pole Vaulter

I don’t know of anyone that doesn’t have dreams and ambitions. Even the people that shrug their shoulders and say, ‘I dunno‘, have dreams and know they were created for a specific purpose.

Knowing you want more, but not knowing what you want is where the ‘I dunno‘ comes in.

I lived in the ‘I dunno‘ space for nearly a decade. That’s 10 years! To some that doesn’t seem long at all and to others it seems like forever.

Take it from the woman that lived in that space for 10 years; it was a lifetime.

I constantly found myself encountering obstacles and not being able to go anywhere. Nothing seemed possible and I kept coming to the edge of the cliff and wondering where the bridge was.


So now where do I go?

Obviously you have to jump, but what’s the point?


The only reason to take the leap is if you know what is possible and there is something worth the risk on the other side.

For way too long the only possibility in my mind was death, so there was no leaping.

I would go to the edge of the cliff and kick a few pebbles into the dark abyss and listen for them to fall to the bottom. I never heard them land.

Who are you becoming?

Imagine the most fit, fabulous, sassy and optimal you possible 30 years from today. 

  • Where does she live?
  • What does she do?
  • What makes her laugh, cry, tell stories?
  • What does she know?
  • What has she accomplished?
  • What was easier that she thought it would be? Harder?
  • What was worth it? What wasn’t worth it?

Now what’s on the other side?

Seventeen months ago, I sat down and wrote about who I wanted to become and it changed my life.

I am a woman of passion, direction, focus, and love; people look up to me and are inspired by my life.  I am a world changer.

At 87 years old, I will sit on a veranda as the sun slowly dips past the edge of the earth and in the cool of the evening I will be proud of who I am and what I have done with the gift of my life.  Satisfaction will well up in my soul where most people carry regret and a smile of contentment stretches across my mouth.  My smile and laugh lines are deeper than the worry lines on my face and I am known for my contagious laugh.

Suddenly I saw possibility and so I jumped.

You are more powerful than you know.

I found myself pole vaulting into my dreams of competing, owning my own business, and building some incredible relationships with friends and family that weren’t possible before.

Together we soar; how very true.

Who are you pole vaulting into?


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  1. Oh man, we’re all going to be so awesome when we’re old. Like really old. Imagine the stories we’ll tell and the dreams we’ll inspire. Seriously.

  2. somehow I feel as if this was directly speaking to me ; )

    Time to get started on that dreams list and dream big and make it HAPPEN

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